5 Creative DIY Baby Shower Favors Ideas Everyone Will Enjoy

Baby showers may seem fun and easy but only when you’re on the other end—as a guest.

A lot goes into planning a baby shower, from selecting the theme and location to curating a guest list. A crucial way to appreciate your guests for attendance is by offering them “Thank You Gifts,” also called baby shower favors.

Baby shower favors are a way of showing gratitude and humility to your guests. Even better, they are inexpensive and you can explore your creative side by DIY’ing cute baby shower favors at home.

From mason cookie jars filled with Layla’s Delicacies treats to mini succulents, these DIY baby shower favor ideas will surely make beautiful departure gifts for your guests.

1 - Mason Cookie Jars Baby Shower Favor

mason cookie jars

Mason jars are inexpensive jars you can customize to your desired style and design to create cute gift boxes. Not only are they perfect baby shower favors, but they also make great wedding favors and Ramadan gifts.

To make your mason cookie jar, you’ll need:

  • A mason jar for each guest
  • Ingredients and recipe for your homemade cookies
  • A collection of candies
  • A ribbon
  • Customized printed notes

To save on costs, reuse empty mason jars in your home. Use your favorite cookie recipe or look up one online to bake delicious tasty treats. Once your cookies are ready, layer them into each jar with candies for a colorful and textured look.

Finally, wrap each mason jar with a ribbon and add customized printed notes on the side or top. You can also choose to include a handwritten recipe card for your guests to try out the recipe.

For tastier and healthier treats, layer Layla’s Delicacies sweets to the mason jars with cookies. We offer a range of handmade sweets that perfectly blend with the DIY cookies.

From our Appreciation Gift Box with 46 bite-size pieces of assorted Tunisian sweets to pure vegan treats like the Samsa Pistachio, you’ll indeed find what suits every guest. 

Expert Tip: To make your mason cookie jars more alluring, tie them using colorful ribbons and add thoughtful quotes such as “Thank You for joining us to celebrate baby X”, “Thank You for attending X’s baby shower,” or “Thank You for sailing by.”

2 - Homemade Journal Baby Shower Favor

homemade journal

A homemade DIY journal is a unique and easy-to-make gift your guests will love. You make the surprise even better by creating a different color theme for each journal, depending on your guest’s preference.

Create a mixture of larger journals that your recipients can place on bedside tables and small ones to double as note pads they can tuck in their bags.

Spice up the journal’s cover through the following:

  • Paint and watercolors
  • Personal touches like names
  • Using leather or oil cloth
  • Stamping

3 - Pedicure Set Baby Shower Favor

pedicure in a jar

Gifting your guests with a “pedicure in a jar” is an inexpensive way to appreciate them for attending your baby shower.

It’s also a versatile DIY you can make for 20 or more guests.

To make your DIY pedicure set in a jar, you’ll need:

  • Wide mouth mason jars
  • Pedicure supplies (nail polish, clippers, toe separators, etc.)
  • Cotton rounds
  • Ribbons
  • Customized labels and tags (Printed)

Once you have all the needed tools, fill every mason jar with the pedicure supplies. Next, wrap around the mason jars with stylish customized tags for an increased aesthetic. Then stick the printed labels with personalized messages to the top of the jars.

Expert Tip: Use the pedicure gift set as part of your gender revealer to add more drama to your baby shower. Choose a pink theme for a girl and a blue theme for a boy or any other color of your choice.

4 - Homemade Sugar Scrub Baby Shower Favor

homemade sugar scrub

A DIY sugar scrub made with the right products is exfoliating, moisturizing, and smells heavenly!

So as your guests arrive with their baby shower gifts, they’ll also leave with a thoughtful DIY gift that their bodies will love.

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Making homemade sugar scrub is as simple as A-B-C. You’ll need:

  • Sugar
  • Baby oil
  • Drops of essential oil
  • Mason jars
  • Food coloring

Mix all the ingredients in a bowl then pour into the mason jars. And that's it—fast and easy!

To make your DIY sugar scrub more interesting, add a customized printable label at the top of the mason jar that has a short poem or a simple “Thank You” quote. Also, add a direction label at the bottom or side of the mason jar that reads:

“To use: Apply to wet skin. Rub and rinse. It will leave your skin soft and smelling good!”

Make your baby shower favor even more thoughtful by pairing the homemade sugar scrub with Layla’s Delicacies tasty treats. Our Almond Finger is a perfect complimentary gift for your guests to pair with coffee after a home spa session with their sugar scrub.

The tasty treats come in both 10 and 22 bite-size pieces, and your guests will surely delight in them, just like Ghania:

“I got the goodies, almond fingers, so delicious. I’m a big fan of almonds anywhere, and these didn’t disappoint. Delicious”
— Ghania Habbi, Dumont, US

5 - Succulents Baby Shower Favor

succulents baby shower favor

Succulents make perfect baby shower favors, wedding favors, or thank you gifts, and making them is simple and fun!

You’ll only need to follow these easy DIY steps:

  1. Choose your succulents: Visit a local nursery or order them online.
  2. Pick a container or wrapping for the succulents: Ceramic pots, paper wrap, or clay pots. Your choice depends on your preferred theme and style.
  3. Get additional supplies (if needed) like soil and rocks. This will depend on the size of your succulent and container.
  4. Re-pot your succulents into the containers.
  5. Add a thank you note or quote to the container. For instance, “Watch me grow” or “Thank You for coming.”
  6. Display the succulents on a table or shelf with a cute saying or thank you quote.

Below are 3 succulents that will make a great baby shower favor:

Succulent Description Image
Zebra Cactus (Haworthia)

Zebra Cactus contains white stripes along its green leaves

It often grows only up to 6 inches, making it an ever-small succulent

Zebra Cactus
Hens and Chicks (Sempervivum)

Sempervivum comes in various colors and needs little to almost no watering

It flourishes best in sandy soil, and adequate sunlight

Hens and Chicks
Baby Jade (Crassula Ovata) Baby Jade is a perfect thank you gift for your guest since it thrives both indoors and outdoors, thus giving them an option to store it wherever they wish Baby Jade

Complement Your DIY Baby Shower Favors With Edible Treats

Pairing your DIY with tasty treats is a great way to make your baby shower more memorable. Homemade goodies like cookies and sauces are a standard go-to, but you can scale your gifting higher with treats handcrafted by experienced artisans.

Layla’s Delicacies offers the best edible treats to complement your DIY baby shower favors. From pure vegan treats to a Thank You gift box, we offer tasty and healthy sweets that your guests will love. 

Vegan Limited Edition, 30 PC.

vegan limited edition

Pair your DIY baby shower favor with Layla’s Delicacies bite-size vegan treats handcrafted by the best artisans using the highest quality nuts. Your guests will love these healthy and nutty bites, whether they are vegan or not. 

Baklava Pistachio

baklava pistachio

Appreciate your guests with our baklava made with a modern twist. This healthy vegan treat contains the finest pistachio layered with mixed ground almonds baked to perfection. The packaging, taste, and aroma of our baklava pistachio will make your baby shower one to remember.

Thank You Gift Box, 9 PC.

thank you gift box

This Thank You Gift Box contains 9 bite-size pieces of assorted Tunisian sweets that are not overly sweet and contain just the perfect amount of nuts for a distinct flavor while providing enough proteins and fiber.

Even better, the gift box comes with a “Thank You” quote on the wrapping, so you won’t have to repackage it.

This treat comes in various special flavors like the Almond Boat filled with caramelized chocolate, or Bjewia Pistachio covered with dried rose petals.

Order your treats today from Layla’s Delicacies, and we’ll ship within one business day, regardless of your location in the U.S.

Your guests will surely love our Tunisian treats made with a modern twist, just like one of our clients who had this to say about the healthy and tasty treats from our Thank You Gift Box:


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