Where To Get Baklava Near Me for Ramadan Gifts

Reminisce the tantalizing aromas of home as you walk through the streets of Tunisia.

The smell of groundnuts, anise, and cinnamon as your Khala prepared sweet desserts for the Eid Al Fitr family gifts.

The hardest part of living abroad is not having all your traditional home-made treats, like the best baklava readily available.

Struggling to find the right ingredients for that perfectly created authentic Tunisian taste can be frustrating, right?

Yes, many bakeries, and shops like Costco, offer baklava and other middle eastern delicacies, and it’s lovely that they do.

But, it’s not quite the same as Jida’s baklava, freshly prepared in your family kitchen, daily.

That’s why we created Layla’s Delicacies to deliver to you anywhere in the United States. It's like we’re in your neighborhood.

“Simply beautiful. These desserts are perfection! If you love bite size, elegant, quality desserts these are absolutely adorable and delicious delicacies. I loved them!!!” 

Xhilda Koka (Worcester, US)

Who Are Layla’s Delicacies?

best baklava delivered to your street in Washington
Appreciation Box, 46 pc.

Our story began when we arrived in the US, fresh from Tunisia.

We nurtured our longing for home daily as we lovingly continued to make our favorite middle eastern food and baklava.

At first, we did it purely because we longed for authentic Tunisian sweets.

We started sharing our Tunisian delicacies with more Muslim families in our neighborhood.

But, sharing a taste of our sophisticated heritage with Muslims all over America soon became our passion.

Today Layla’s Delicacies are hailed by The New York Times travel blog as the best way to imagine you’re spending a night in Tunisia.

Where Are Layla’s Delicacies?

Layla’s Delicacies is an online small business based in Union, New Jersey. We ship all over the US.

We proudly offer fresh products and shipment within one business day from receiving your order.

Whether you’re in Washington or living on 19th st NW of New York, you too can order delicious Mediterranean delicacies for Ramadan gifts at the click of a button.

How Do I Order the Best Baklava for Ramadan?

Best Greek baklava near your for Ramadan
Baklava Pistachio

Instead of driving to a restaurant or buying street food each night, you can order all the Mediterranean desserts you’ll need for Ramadan and Eid Al Fitr well in advance from the friendly Layla’s Delicacies.

Our pastry artisans have skills that are passed down from generation to generation, their passion visible within the masterpieces created daily.

Each delicious piece of baklava is a hand-crafted creation that is pleasing to all your senses, not only your taste buds.

And let me tell you something;

Our beautifully wrapped gift boxes are exquisite and extraordinary gifts for Ramadan and Eid Al Fitr. We’ll tell you more about that a bit further down.

Here at Layla’s, you can order well-balanced and healthy Mediterranean desserts online, and we guarantee to make and send them within one day. However, delivery in the US takes up to five days, depending on where you want it delivered.

If you want to place a particular order that’s not on our comprehensive collection of gift boxes, you are welcome to contact us for friendly and fast feedback.

Can I Order Baklava Gift Boxes?

delicious baklava delivered to your street in Washington
Baklava Pistachio

“I absolutely loved every piece in this box. They are so pretty it’s hard to eat them, but they are also delicious. I will be ordering again. The box makes a perfect gift for a loved one.”

Ramona Roman

Special celebrations during Ramadan are a time where you share your love for your family and friends by preparing delicious Mediterranean foods and the best baklava every night.

After a day of faithful fasting and saying duaa little else tops the satisfaction of watching the pure delight on your families faces when you serve delicious Karahi Lamb, Butter Chicken, and fresh Rotis.

Restaurant and street food in Washington are great - Still, every Ramadan meal is a celebration that deserves only the most exemplary attention to detail on the taali during the Holy Month.

You can focus on preparing five-star restaurant-style food at home while we’ll make sure the dessert compliments it beautifully.

The last bite you take before preparing for the next day’s fasting deserves to be one of the best baklava or other delicacies from Layla’s.

We cover the entire map of America, whether you live on Dupont Circle or 1320 19th street.

When spoiling your loved ones with a gift box from Layla’s, nobody has to have a friendly fight over the last piece of baklava.

Each family member can have their special box full of treats.

Discovery Box

Discovery Box, 4 PC
Discovery Box, 4 PC

Our Discovery Box will introduce you to our four mouthwatering and truly traditional Mediterranean treats.

We created it for you to taste all four and choose your favorite before placing your next order.

The Discovery Box includes:

  • Baklava Pistachio
  • Kaak Warka
  • Samsa Pistachio
  • Almond Finger

Escape Gift Boxes

Delicious and beautiful Ramadan gift boxes near you
Escape Box, 10 PC.

It’s the perfect escape-in-a-box for your famished loved one after a day of fasting.

Our bite site Mediterranean delicacies is a perfectly balanced and nutritious snack to still the in-between cravings, not only as a dessert.

Our variety of trendy treats is a beautiful gift, and each bite is a nutty delight and a not too sweet joy.

Our Escape Gift Box contains an assortment of Tunisian sweets with a modern twist. You will get a variety of unique culinary experiences like:

  • Bjewia Pistachio topped with dried rose petals. 
  • Almond Boat filled with caramelized chocolate. 

Appreciation Gift Boxes

Our road map to culinary happines for your entire family this Ramadan
Appreciation Box, 46 pc.

We always keep our treats balanced and not too sweet by including more nuts (70%), so you can enjoy more of the natural flavors while getting a good dose of fibers and protein.

Our Appreciation Gift Boxes are perfect for any gifting occasion—Ramadan, Eid Al Fitr, birthdays, housewarmings, holidays, and more.

It’s a beautiful collection of all our unique and trendy culinary skills, wrapped up in an attractive package.

What Other Desserts Can I Order from Layla’s?

Best vegan sweets ever for Eid Al Fitr giftings
Vegan Box, 22 pc.

Now that you know who makes the best baklava, and how to get it in time for Ramadan, invite your senses on a culinary journey to explore the other treats at Layla’s.

Kaak Warka

Delicious  Mediterranean Kaak Warka melts in your mouth
Kaak Warka

These tiny donut-shaped treats are filled with almond paste and infused with our signature rose water for a distinct flavor and a subtle sweet taste.

Traditionally offered during weddings and other big celebrations at middle eastern restaurants, like Eid Al Fitr, Kaak Warka is a staple in Tunisian cuisine.

It’s the perfect way to express happiness and gratitude.

Samsa Pistachio

Samsa Pistachio
Samsa Pistachio

Samsa is one of the most popular pastries in North African restaurants but has become a firm favorite in Greek cuisine.

These triangle-shaped little gems have a crispy outer layer made of thin brick filo sheets and a moist filling made out of a mix of crunchy almonds and hazelnuts.

We sprinkle Pistachio on top for a delightful sensory experience. 

Sweet Surrender

best Tunisian gift boxes for Ramadan giftings
Quarterly Limited Edition

Order your Mediterranean baklava and other Tunisian and Greek-inspired treats for Ramadan from Layla’s and spoil your loved ones with an original taste of home-made food without breaking a sweat.

Layla’s Delicacies are more straightforward to order online than getting food from your local restaurants or street food vendors near your home.

We’ll have it delivered to your doorstep as fresh as if you just ordered it at your favorite Greek restaurant.

You can focus on making the perfect Lamb Rogan Josh and Chicken Briyani while we’ll ensure your family feasts on the best artisan-made middle eastern sweets in the US.

Featured Image from: Pexels by Rayn L

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