How to Pick Baby Shower Guest Gifts That Everyone Will Love

Are you planning a baby shower? You have a lot to do. From choosing a venue to selecting a theme, creating décor to deciding on foods and drinks, and mailing out invitations, the list goes on and on.

While it’s natural to get caught up in gifting the mom-to-be and her baby, it’s also essential to remember the attending guests. They also expect to receive a baby shower gift. It’s one of the traditions that make baby showers unique and should be included in baby shower planning.

Offering baby shower gifts is an excellent way to thank the family and friends who have joined you in celebrating the little one's arrival. Not only do gifts show that each guest is special, they also give everyone who attends a reminder of the special day.

Consider that most attendees will bring either baby or new mom gifts. Reciprocating is a beautiful way to show your own appreciation.

We’ve prepared comprehensive tips on picking baby shower guest gifts everyone will love.

Consider Something Luxurious and Affordable

Take into consideration the number of people attending your baby shower and how much you’re planning to spend.

If you have only a few guests to celebrate this special day with, you can afford high-ticket items. If you have more, you can opt for something more modest. 

Here are our favorite luxurious and affordable baby shower favors your guests are sure to love.

Hand Sanitizer Baby Shower Gifts

Everyone knows that hand sanitizer is a must-have item. You can keep one in your purse, backpack, car, or anywhere you go. This practical and affordable gift can make a great favor for a baby shower.

Many guests will appreciate a personalized hand sanitizer, given that sanitizers are a household staple, especially if they have babies. 

Consider purchasing hand sanitizers enriched with restorative essential oils and plenty of glycerine.

Personal hand sanitizer baby shower favors are a cute way to keep your guests safe. Cleanliness is also a gift that keeps on giving.


Hand Lotion Baby Shower Gifts

footprints and floral elastic hair ties with a “thank you” card

Everybody gets chapped hands, so a travel-sized tube of lotion can be a great baby shower favor. With these hand lotion baby shower favors, your guests' hands will be as soft as your newborn baby. In addition, ladies' purses and pockets will be delighted with these lovely hand lotion favors.

Hand lotions wrapped in tulle fabric with gratitude tags

Hair Ties Baby Shower Gifts

Hair tie gifts are a trendy, fun, and unique way to say "thank you" to your guests. They’ll remember the amazing details and great time they had at your baby shower every time they use the hair ties to throw their hair up.

You can personalize the card that goes with them with a "thank you," along with your name and date of the shower.

footprints and floral elastic hair ties with a “thank you” card

Nail Polish Baby Shower Gifts

Nail polish baby favors are affordable, fun, and loved by all. Nail polish are a fun gift for any baby shower. If you don't know the baby's gender or your shower is a gender reveal, you can offer pink and blue colors.

 nail polish in tulle with a gratitude tag

Opt for Keepsakes

Try to find something your guests can use after the baby shower. 

Keepsake gifts not only look great but also provide an opportunity for you to leave your gratitude messages on tags, packaging, or labels. Here are our best keepsake ideas.

Bottle Opener Baby Shower Favors

With these adorable baby bottle-shaped bottle openers, your guests will be excited to start “popping” their own bottles.

You can easily display these bottle opener baby shower favors since each of them comes in its own packaging.

baby bottle-shaped bottle opener

Scarf Baby Shower Favors

Scarves are among the greatest baby shower favors to pleaset your guests. This is the type of baby shower favor your guests will use for a long time and will be a reminder of your special party.

If you’re good at working with fabric, consider including details about the shower, such as the date and the guests’ names. You can also make sleeves to wrap around the scarf if you’re good at digital crafting.

gray and pink scarves with a “stay warm” tag

Keychains Baby Shower Favors

Key chains are an excellent favor and a special gift your guests are sure to cherish. These small but thoughtful gifts are fun and practical. They will remind your friends of your special day each time they use their keys or lock their doors.

Keychain chain gifts and favors are easily portable, and they come in a variety of styles and designs, so you will find one that fits your theme and budget perfectly.

 pink key chain with a “for you” message tag

Consider Something Edible

You can offer your guests a tasty treat as a thoughtful “thank you.”

Create a tasty baby shower favor and add personalized gratitude texts.

Homemade sauces, jam, or cookies are common go-to, but if you can't pull it off like a pro, don't feel compelled.

We have the best edible picks for your baby shower favors at Layla's Delicacies.

Our baby shower favors are both delicious and adorable that your guests are sure to love.

22-Piece Vegan Gift Box

Layla's Delicacies vegan gift box, 22 pc
22-Piece Vegan Gift Box

The 22-Piece Vegan Gift Box is excellent if you want to treat your vegan guests. It contains five different sweets, including Bjewia Pistachio topped with dried rose petals or Baklava ElL Bey.

This gift box also contains a generous portion of healthy nuts, which are tasty and can be enjoyed on all kinds of diets, whether your guests are vegan or keto.

Fiber and protein are plentiful, and the sugar content is reasonable.

The vegan gift box will allow your guests to remember your special day not only by its natural flavors and taste, but also by how elegant and beautiful it’s packaged.

Here’s a table showing what’s included in Layla’s Delicacies Vegan Box:


Sweets Description
Bjewia Pistachio Almonds and pistachios blended with an attractive layer of dried roses
Baklava El Bey Pistachios and almonds blended into a crunchy snack that melts in your mouth
Pineapple Hazelnut A delightful combination of coarsely chopped almonds and hazelnuts carved into the shape of a pineapple with pistachios hand-placed on top
Yasmina Combined almonds and pistachio into an inviting Jasmine flower


Thank You Gift Box, 9 pc.

Layla's Delicacies thank you gift box, 9 pc
9-piece Gift Box

This 9-piece Gift Box is another excellent baby shower favor your guests will love.

You’ll need nothing but the package itself. It comes ready with a “thank you” note on the wrapping.

Your guests will beenchanted by a heavenly combination of flavors within the treat.

The gift box offers a variety of unique flavors, such as Bjewia Pistachio glazed in dried rose petals or the Almond Boat, which is pure chocolate.

Baklava Pistachio

Layla's Delicacies Baklava Pistachio
Baklava Pistachio

Your guests will be delighted with this delicious Baklava Pistachio. Baklava contains the finest ground almonds, pistachios, and a honeyed layer of filo. 

It’s then baked to perfection, with a healthy balance of sugar and nuts. The taste and aroma are amazing.

We package our baklava in boxes just right for you and your guests.

 "Heavenly delicious, there is no word to describe how these are, very special!!”Luis Torres

Almond Finger

Layla's Delicacies Almond Finger
Almond Finger

With the Almond Finger pastries, you can’t go wrong at your baby shower.

This authentic and delicious pastry has its roots in Morocco and has become a Tunisian tradition.

Almond Fingers are made from a blend of almonds and hazelnuts rolled in crispy filo sheets. A combination of nutty and sweet flavors will make your guests’ morning after party memorable.

You can order your baby shower favors online from Layla's Delicacies, a family-owned business. Our pastries will arrive fresh within one business day, wherever you are in the US.

Your guests will love our Tunisian pastries that are healthy and handmade by the best Tunisian artisans with great love.

We are more than happy to personalize your gifts to help you prepare the baby shower favors that suit your guests. Is it quotes of love, gender predictions, or just messages of gratitude? We can help.


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