8 Best Wedding Favors Under 50 Dollars That’ll Wow Your Guests

Keep your wedding day alive with unique, customizable wedding favors that won’t drain your budget.

Imagine the feeling of visiting a close friend 5 years after you tie the knot, and notice that they are still using the wedding favor you gifted them. 

The same feeling you’re imagining can help you decide on what favor to give to your guests at your upcoming wedding. As a symbol of appreciation to your guests, make it memorable and an extension of your love and personality as a couple. When deciding on a gift, consider:

  • Wedding location
  • Size of guest list
  • Budget
  • Dietary requirement of your guests
  • Wedding theme 

Idea 1 - Layla’s Delicacies Appreciation Gift Box

an appreciation gift box
Appreciation Boxes

Nothing leaves a sweet memory of your wedding day like a box filled with healthy and delicious treats. This Appreciation Gift Box from Layla’s Delicacies will have your guests reminiscing on your special day long for years to come.

Leave a sweet memory with either the 9-piece or 14-piece box, whether you’re having a large wedding or a more intimate gathering. 

“Amazing Treats! I had these for the first time when I was given them for Eid, and I was blown away by their quality. I do not often like to have sweets that stray from the typical chocolate chip cookie or ice cream and have been known especially to avoid some nutty pastry-like sweets since I find them to be extremely sweet. However, from the moment I opened the box, I knew there was something different about it.

The packaging, design, and intricate unique details on each of these pieces is so amazing and looks like something you would find in an extremely high-end dessert shop. This is a steal for the amount and quality that you get, and they're not overpoweringly sweet at all, just perfect! I have already reordered multiple times for friends and family as well, and will continue to do so.”


Idea 2 - Scented Candles

colored candles

Candles are the perfect way to keep the flame of your wedding day lit in the minds and hearts of your guests for a long time to come.

Choose from a range of colors, sizes, and scents that are tailored to your theme to delight your guests. For large weddings, customize the jar or tin with a special message, picture, or create a personalized candle using names or unique messages for more intimate celebrations. 

Idea 3 - Hand Fans

a hand fan

The hand fan is a unique and practical favor perfect for destination weddings or ceremonies held during the summer. Your guests will love this token of appreciation that they can use both during and after the wedding.

Choose from a range of materials like wood, paper, lace, and straw, and customize them depending on your theme and budget.

Idea 4 - Layla’s Delicacies Thank You Gift Box

thank you gift box
Thank You Gift Box

Gift your guests a taste of Tunisia with this Thank You gift box from Layla’s Delicacies.

Made with the perfect balance between sweet and nutty, each individually-wrapped gift box provides a taste of Tunisia with each bite.

The meticulous journey of Layla’s Delicacies products from ideation stage to packaging.

What Do Layla’s Delicacies Thank You Gift Boxes Contain?

Layla’s Delicacies gift boxes all contain individually wrapped, handmade treats making them perfect favors. Here is a table of ingredients you can expect in each box: 

9 Piece Box 14 Piece Box
  • Pineapple-shaped mixture of almond and hazelnut topped with pistachios
  • Crunchy walnut with white chocolate and almond
  • Almond boats filled with caramelized chocolate
  • Baklava El Bey with pistachios and almonds
  • Flower-shaped Yasmina with almond and pistachio
  • Bjewia Pistachio topped with dried rose petals
  • Crunchy hazelnut with white chocolate and berry
  • Crunchy sesame shell with silky chocolate
  • Soft mixture of almond and pistachio rolls
  • Crunchy pistachio with white chocolate and lemon rolls

Idea 5 - Succulents


A stylish, memorable and charming favor, suitable for both indoor and outdoor weddings, and with a little creativity, can double as decoration.

Place the succulents in beautifully decorated tins that match the color palette of your wedding. Make it even more intimate by assigning a plant to a specific guest.

Idea 6 - Coasters

a lady holding coasters

Another great multi-functional wedding favor idea that is bound to amaze your guests, and can easily be customized to suit the theme of your wedding and placed as a decoration.

The coasters can either be bought or transformed into a DIY wedding project. Just ensure that the coasters are made of durable materials like wood and personalize each coaster with a name or message.

Idea 7 - Luggage Tags 

DIY luggage tag project

If your guests like to travel then luggage tags are the most thoughtful favor you can give. 

If you’re passionate about craft, you can turn this into a DIY project that will keep you creatively occupied in the months leading to your wedding. Alternatively, you can choose to purchase these gifts in bulk from a trusted supplier. 

Idea 8 - Customized Mugs

coffee mug

If you and your partner are coffee or tea lovers, then a mug makes the ideal wedding favor, so your guests will keep your big day in their minds for years to come.

Make it stand out by opting for mugs of unusual, but practical, designs. You can customize them according to the theme of your wedding or with a cheesy message that will brighten up someone’s morning every time they use it.

To make this gift extra special, add a package of your favorite brand of beverage. Your guests will be ecstatic every time they use it.

testimonial marisela guevara

Choosing the Perfect Wedding Favor

The perfect wedding favor is unique and authentically given by the bride and groom as a show of appreciation to their guests. You don’t have to break the bank showing your guests that you love them. All you need is some inspiration, creativity, and perhaps a bite or three from one of Layla’s Delicacies treat boxes.

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