6 Best Housewarming Gifts That Are Delectable and Beautiful

Moving is a momentous occasion and a great reason to have a ball. As a housewarming attendee, you want to bring a gift that helps the recipient turn their new house into a home.

At Layla’s Delicacies, our treats are made with care and are perfect for showing dedication to their well-being.

Everything we suggest aligns with our values—tradition, nature, and authenticity.

With that in mind, let’s explore a list of six delectable gift ideas to sweeten housewarming celebrations.

#1: Congratulations Gift Box

an open box of treats
Congrats Gift Box, 46 pc.

Our Congratulations Gift Box is the perfect companion to any event worth celebrating. Order our Tunisian treats and astonish your friend with 46 pieces of heaven in a box (and just the right snack to fuel what’s left of unpacking efforts).

Savor the nutty creaminess of pistachios, almonds, and hazelnuts, and have another guilt-free bite with our healthy ingredient selection.

Each piece is expertly-crafted and beautiful to behold, as is the packaging, so it requires no extra serving efforts.

Our Congrats box will be a very memorable part of any housewarming celebration.


#2: Wine and Chocolate Hamper

“I like your treats,” you say, “but I want something more traditional.”

If we’re still in the realm of sweets, why not go with wine and chocolate?

Buy a bottle of quality wine and a box of chocolates and place it in a hamper or wicker basket cushioned with cotton or silk.

Going for the recipient’s favorites is always a good idea, but lacking that information, use the classic combinations, as outlined in the table below.

Wine Chocolate
Chardonnay White chocolate
Riesling Semi-sweet and milk chocolate
Pinot Gris Citrus-infused chocolate
Merlot Dark chocolate
Cabernet Sauvignon Bitter dark chocolate

These classy pairings deliver explosions of exquisite flavor, inviting the recipient to enjoy a night of self-care.

Round off the hamper with a personalized and thoughtful note to encourage them to luxuriate in your gift.

#3: Coffee or Tea Box

You can’t go wrong with high-quality coffee and tea.

Everybody enjoys their hot drinks, but many people don’t take the time to find the finest ones. So, to show your care for the recipient, get first-grade beans or leaves to inspire a new, mindful ritual in their new home.

If your friend is a coffee enthusiast, get them a big box of quality beans you know they enjoy. Or, fill a bin with several smaller packs ranging from light and creamy to dark and bitter, to help them explore some new flavors.

You have even more options with tea lovers. Leaves from around the world, advent calendars, matcha bowl sets—there are countless ways to enjoy this hot beverage.

#4: Artisan Cheese Pack

Let’s continue the tasty trend with yet another food available in endless iterations.

If your friend loves cheese then artisan cheese is guaranteed to add some magic to their brand new kitchen.

Find a sustainable online seller and order a monthly subscription from them. If you’re familiar with cheeses, you could also assemble the present yourself.

If you’re DIY-ing, choose a theme to follow:

  • Rare cheeses
  • Cheeses of the world
  • Best cheeses of your country
  • Wine and cheese pairings
  • American artisan cheeses
  • Artisan vegan cheese

Match the selection to the recipient’s lifestyle and taste preferences. They’re sure to think of you whenever they’re craving something creamy.

#5: Aromatic Olive Oils

If the recipient just got their hands on a shiny kitchen that lets them pursue their culinary proclivities, here’s your chance to make them giddy with excitement.

Aromatic olive oils are a revolutionary and healthy way to infuse new flavors into food.

Inspire cooking experiments with olive oils infused with various fresh and dried herbs, spices, fruits, and citrus.

Sets of aromatic olive oil bottles look, smell, and taste delicious. Stores sell these in various setups, but nothing beats transparent glasses that display the infusion. These look gorgeous on open shelves, doubling as decorations.

#6: Fruit Baskets

Fruit baskets are the quintessential healthy and tasty present, and work especially well for new houses.

Fruit baskets work best when they’re fresh and seasonal. You can order a monthly subscription that varies the picks each month or construct a hamper yourself.

If you’re opting to DIY, the following consideration might help:

  • Know your packing order. Put firm pieces, such as apples and oranges, at the bottom, smaller and softer fruits on top.
  • Think about the shelf life. Choose species that don’t spoil in days for singles and couples. You have more freedom with big families.
  • Consider health concerns. Fruit allergies are pretty common, so it’s best to check before you purchase.

Simple, budget-friendly, and oh-so-sweet, this gift is perfect for anybody.

Caring Gifts for a Comfy Home

people toasting around a dinner table

In the end, there are two ways you can use our list. Apply it directly or use our ideas to inspire your search for something unique and personal. Warm the recipient's new house (pardon the pun) with a gift that conveys familiarity, closeness, and care.

Help a loved one plant roots and settle into their new life with our treats, made to infuse healthy sweetness into any event and show your love and appreciation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you give for a housewarming gift?

There are no particular housewarming traditions to honor. The only thing to remember is that the best gift is one that fits the recipient’s new home.

It can be a small device, decor, or something to commemorate the happy occasion (such as a stamp with a return address).

We focused on food and drinks in this guide for two reasons. One it’s practical—people settling into a new place are usually too busy to cook. More importantly, food brings people together, matching the spirit of the occasion.

What should I give my vegan friend for housewarming?

You liked our gift box, but my friend is vegan. What now?

You’re in luck. We also sell a Vegan Box perfect for celebratory occasions.

Like the original, this pack comes full of handcrafted treats with the right dose of all essential nutrients. All recipes fit the plant-based lifestyle, so you don’t have to worry about breaking any rules.

“Every single piece is just a masterpiece of flavor and crunchiness. My wife and I had to do rock paper scissors for the last one!”

— Marco Calderon, Whittier, US

What is a practical housewarming gift?

Nostalgic gifts are wonderful, and you should absolutely include something sentimental for your loved one. However, housewarming is also a practical occasion.

Getting something that the person can actually use shifts your present from good to excellent.

As a rule of thumb, the best practical gifts are those that make the recipient’s life easier. Think along the lines of food, small household items, and self-care essentials.

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