Sharing Tunisian Sweets with The World

When we missed the pastries from home, we decided to make them here in New Jersey. Our friends enjoyed them so much, we decided to share them with you and everyone else.

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Tunisian Pastries on a tray
Soukra Gift Set - Limited Edition

A Labor Of Love

Traditionally made by hand at home and served as a sign of appreciation, Tunisian sweets take an incredible amount of time and attention to detail. We’re continuing this tradition here so you can enjoy them at home and share these little bits of happiness with your loved ones.

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Kaak Warka, 1 LBKaak Warka, 1 LB

Kaak Warka, 1 LB

Samsa Pistachio, 1 LBSamsa Pistachio, 1 LB
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Samsa Pistachio, 1 LB

Cigare Almond, 1 LBCigare Almond, 1 LB

Cigare Almond, 1 LB


we use the

finest ingredients

Our nuts are hand-picked by our own artisans. We use natural ingredients for a better taste and we add flower water to engage every one of your senses.