Romance Your Love: Tunisian Vegan Gift Ideas Under $100

‘Tis the season of romance, and you’re over cards and chocolates. You want to surprise your lover with something unique and memorable.

Luckily, we have five gorgeous gift ideas that feel like a fortune without costing one.

If you know us, you already know that our treats are a catalyst for romance, being made with immense love and consideration to communicate care with each bite.

Now, let’s take a look at five affordable gift ideas that are certain to make your partner swoon.

1 - Scrumptious Samsa Pistachio

three pieces of Samsa Pistachio
Samsa Pistachio

Starting with the classics, we have the Samsa Pistachio. Traditionally reserved for gatherings of loved ones, they convey the desire to share everything good in life with another person.

Exotic yet gentle, these sweet triangles are filled with a creamy hazelnut and almond mixture wrapped in a thin filo sheet and soaked in rose syrup. The chopped pistachio coating adds another layer to the sensory adventure.

Paired wonderfully with tea or fruit wine, Samsa makes an ideal treat for a romantic evening with your lover.

“Samsa Pistachio is light, crunchy, and delicious. The flavor and texture are perfect. Everything is so beautiful, and beautifully packaged.”
Heather Harris, Oaklyn, US

2 - Romantic Almond Fingers

four pieces of Almond Finger
Almond Finger

Have you only begun wooing your new lover? We’d suggest Almond Fingers to express your new love.

These beautiful sweets are as creamy as it gets. The filling consists of blended almond and hazelnut delicately wrapped in a crispy filo sheet to let you share a piece without any mess.

“They are so delicious and full of almonds. When you take a bite, they melt in your mouth.”
Karima Karaman, Los Angeles, US

Our almond treats pair wonderfully with coffee for daytime dates. They’ll also work with a dry wine after a wholesome meal and a conversation in the moonlight.

3 - Maghrebi Mint Tea

Maghrebi is a green tea served with sugar and mint leaves. This sweet and refreshing drink is a staple across North Africa, speaking of hospitality and generosity.

Gifting this classic tea to your lover is a way to display care for their well-being, according to older tradition, invite them into your home.

Serve this tea after dinner and present your date with a pack to carry home. You can also include a note reading something like: “For whenever you need some sweetness.”

To assemble as a present choose organic packs of gunpowder green tea and spearmint leaves, and complement with a box of raw, unrefined sugar.

You can also turn this gift into a ritual. Dedicate yourselves to having a cup each day after lunch as you unwind and enjoy each other’s company.

4 - Jasmine Jar Garden

Jasmine is the national flower of Tunisia.

This delicate white blossom symbolizes love, femininity, and sensuality, making it a wedding staple.

Put the present together with a jar garden kit and seeds. Commit to caring for it together and using your shared dedication to help it and your love grow.

5 - Enchanting Essential Oils

Organic essential oil is the liquid of love and hedonism

Their scents and textures awaken memories, smoothen touch, and inspire intimate moments. They’re also therapeutic, increasing your energy, firing up the senses, and encouraging physical affection.

Many of the best oils for romance come from plants native to Tunisia. Your options are endless, but we recommend the four essences from the table below.


A Valentine’s day flower, rose is the classic show of romance

Its feminine, floral fragrance works as an aphrodisiac


The healing lavender has a voluptuous side

Its mood-enhancing properties leave you ready to give and receive love


Derived from orange blossoms, this citrusy oil lightens the atmosphere

As a bonus, it’s known for its arousing qualities


Geranium is bold, crisp, and gentle

It uplifts the mood and inspires mental clarity, letting you enjoy another person’s presence

Get several glass bottles with little notes. Don’t forget to include a sensual massage—it’s a quintessential part of giving essential oils.

A Unique Show of Love

It’s wonderful how many options you have after breaking out of the bouquet-and-card mold.

Nature-based and thoughtful, these Tunisian gifts show what the wide world has to offer. Communicate your endless appreciation and the desire for shared experiences with our suggestions. Make any day as loving as Valentine’s.

Order our treats to sweeten your date with some Mediterranean magic.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are traditional gifts for Valentine’s Day?

In the US, a traditional Valentine’s present consists of chocolate, roses, and a card. If we expand on this, we find three elements of showing love on this special day:

  • Something natural
  • Something sweet
  • Something personal

What Tunisian gifts are good for romance?

Tunisia has a rich natural life, giving you countless romancing resources in its spirit. Roses, jasmine, or carnations—your classic red rose bouquet suddenly comes alive with color and smell.

Our selection of traditional Tunisian sweets is another avenue worth taking. These healthy, nut-based treats nurture the system while overcoming your senses with pleasure.

How to find vegan gifts under $100?

Instead of looking for vegan versions of regular items, start from cruelty-free principles. Many doors open when you refocus on respecting mother Earth. Flowers, fruits, vegetables, herbs—the planet is teeming with treats for all five senses. 

Take advantage of nature’s abundance to give your vegan loved one something truly breathtaking (and show appreciation of their lifestyle).

Do you sell gift boxes at Layla’s Delicacies?

Layla’s Delicacies boasts two wonderful plant-based gift boxes to enchant to enchant with a curated selection of magical flavors.

The Vegan Box contains 22 small pieces of heaven, while the Limited Edition box expands on the magic with 30 delectable bites.

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