Diwali Gifts: 4 Mouth-Watering Treats That’ll Leave an Impression

It’s time to celebrate the Festival of Lights with merry-making, good food, and glowing candles.

Your pantry is brimming with vegan foods, and you’ve armed yourself with delightful plant-based recipes for Diwali ready to impress your guests.

Yet, one thing is still unresolved.

You can’t seem to find delicious, 100% vegan sweets. Most have snuck in some dairy products while others, though vegan, are plain and tasteless.

Our sweets at Layla’s Delicacies are not only fully vegan but also unique and flavorful. We incorporate authentic Mediterranean ingredients to give you delightful gifts that go the extra mile to show love and appreciation to your loved ones.

Delicate, Delicious, Beautiful, and most importantly Vegan. These confections are beautifully crafted. Opening the box was a delight for the eyes. The taste of these confections is everything you could want—delicate, delicious, complex, and authentic.

Some of the best vegan confections available. I will buy them again—they arrived fast, carefully packed, and worth every cent. Please keep making and expanding your vegan line.”

Thomas Pileggi, (Valley Stream, US)

Table of Contents

1 — Samsa Pistachio

an inviting bowl of Samsa pistachio

Samsa is known as a traveler’s snack for a good reason. It’s believed to have originated from Central Asia and is named after pyramids. From there, it accompanied traders and travelers who shared the recipe with eager locals at every stop. 

The Mediterranean countries embraced the delicious globetrotters, added their own pizzazz, and came up with a signature pastry for celebrations. This is where we borrow our recipe from.

Like all typical Samsas, our Samsa Pistachioincludes the brik filo sheet for the outer layer and filling. However, this is where the similarity ends.

Our little triangles have a light and crispy outer layer achieved by expertly cooking batter on a hot surface. 

If you’re used to Samsas stuffed with juicy meats or vegetables, you’re in for a pleasant surprise with our sweets. Our Samsa filling is a delectable, healthy combination of authentic Mediterranean almonds and hazelnuts. We blend the nuts sparingly to maintain their crunchiness.

Our Samsa’s goodness doesn’t stop at wrapping the nutty filling with the crusty brik filo. After wrapping, we dip it into a flavorful syrup enhanced with sugar and orange blossom water. Finally, we sprinkle chopped pistachios to crown the Tunisian sweet triangles. 

What a nice treat! Little works of art. All of the Layla’s Delicacies I’ve had were amazing. I really love that there are so many vegan treats. The Samsa Pistachio is light and crunchy and so delicious. The flavor and texture are perfect and these, like the others I’ve tried, are sweet but not too sugary. And everything is so beautiful, and beautifully packaged.”
Heather Harris, (Oaklyn, US) 

Serving tip: Serve Samsa Pistachios with mint tea to get your guests relaxed after a heavy dinner.

2 — Almond Finger

A bowl of delicious Tunisian almond cigars

Almond Finger is a beloved morning pastry in Tunisian homes but with origins from Morocco. Its easy preparation method, nutty flavors, and 100% plant-based ingredients make it a favorite for vegans looking for the perfect holiday treats.

Our Tunisian almond fingers contain only vegan ingredients, including:

  • Almonds
  • Hazelnuts
  • Pastry dough prepared with wheat, olive oil, and salt

To give you mouth-watering Mediterranean pastries, we make a fine blend of the almonds and hazelnuts and use a little syrup to stick them together. We then put the mixture in thin, crunchy pastry sheets and roll it into a delicious almond cigar.

“They are so delicious and full of almonds. When you take a bite they melt in your mouth. Layla’s, you guys work with passion. Thank you, because you’re letting us enjoy what we’re eating”
Karima Karaman, (Los Angeles, US) 

If you’ll be having guests over for the festival of lights, thrill them by serving these Tunisian almond cigars with a rich, warm cup of Turkish coffee for breakfast.

The treats are wrapped individually and packaged in festival-ready boxes, so if you’ve been invited for an outdoor party, you can carry it along and pass the goodies around.

3 — Vegan Box

Vegan gift box with 22 pieces of assorted sweets

You’re excited about this year’s Diwali and can’t wait for the family reunion, food, and merry-making. The D-day is fast approaching, yet you haven’t found the perfect vegan desserts to grace the dinner table.

We have an incredible gluten-free Vegan Gift Box that contains 22 pieces of assorted, authentic Tunisian sweets that are sure to wow your loved ones.

Testimonial from Aziza del Rosario

The gorgeous packaging box is just a precursor of the heavenly treats it holds. Each of the sweets is a delicious work of art—almost too good to eat, but you can’t get enough once you taste them.

Inside the box, you’ll find:

Vegan Tunisian Sweet Ingredients

Coussin Hazelnut

Vegan sweets

Almonds and pistachio blended into a soft mixture and infused with heavenly aromatic water

Baklava El Bey

Dairy-free vegan treats

Delicious pistachios that are coarsely crushed to maintain their crunchiness and wrapped in soft almond paste layers


Vegan treats

Beautiful Jasmine-shaped treats carved from a soft blend of almond and pistachio

Bjeiwa Pistachio

Authentic Tunisian vegan desserts

A crunchy mixture of almond and pistachio topped with a flowery layer of dried roses

Pineapple Hazelnut

Delicious vegan goodies

A mix of finely chopped almonds and hazelnuts, crowned with hand-placed pistachio and shaped into a pineapple

Expert tip: If you’re an early shopper and are worried about freshness, you can wrap the box with plastic and refrigerate it for up to four weeks. Remember to take them out an hour before serving.

4 — Vegan Limited Edition

Vegan Limited Edition gift box with 30 pieces of assorted sweets

Would you like to show your appreciation to your loyal customers with delightful Diwali treats that will take them on a happy journey of Mediterranean cuisine?

This delectable Vegan Limited Edition gift box with 30 pieces of bite-sized, assorted sweets will help you express your love.

Armed with the best Tunisian ingredients for desserts, we ensure that each sweet is unique, flavorful, and memorable.

The gift box contains:

  • Nest Pistachio

    The sweets come in an exciting bird’s nest shape that contains almonds and pistachios. We crush the nuts to form a crunchy mixture then crown it with tiny bits of pistachio slices.

  • Rocher

    We borrow from Ferrero Rocher's small, gold-wrapped balls but ditch the chocolate for ground almonds and biscuits to give these sweets a Mediterranean vibe.

    Once the almonds and biscuits are ground, we shape them into oval balls and envelop them with crunchy hazelnuts, giving them a melt-in-your-mouth feel.

  • Almond Bjewia

    These two-bite triangle delights are made with expertly blended almonds and hazelnuts to achieve a subtle crunch. They are then coated with a thin pistachio layer that balances the taste and ensures they aren’t overly sweet.

  • Ring Hazelnut

    The treats are extraordinarily light and airy, with a pretty round shape made with a spongy mixture of ground almonds and pistachios. They are then covered in crunchy hazelnuts, giving them an all-around nutty sweetness.

  • Baklava

    These goodies contain a blend of chopped almonds and pistachios encased in handmade, crispy filo dough. 

Here’s a video with the sweets to whet your appetite:


You’ll love that each sweet is individually wrapped, making it convenient and hygienic for each guest to pick one.

Light Up Diwali With Layla’s Delicacies

We understand how difficult it can be to get authentic sweets that satisfy your Mediterranean palate if you're an immigrant.

That’s why we started Layla’s Delicacies—to bring you exquisite treats that take you on a beautiful journey of the rich North African culture. Each pastry carries bits and pieces of the best ingredients borrowed from the vibrant Tunis cuisines.

The vegan sweets predominantly feature healthy nuts, including almonds, hazelnuts, and pistachios.

Our stellar preparation process and sturdy packaging ensure that you receive fresh and intact treats. We’ll deliver the sweets to you anywhere in the US within one business day.

If you’d like to send your Diwali gifts to several people, worry not. Send us the names of your loved ones and their addresses, and we’ll deliver and include a festive note from you.

Ready to impress your loved ones with our Tunisian sweets this Diwali?

Place your order or contact us if you’d like us to help you choose the perfect treat.

Also, sign up for Layla’s Rewards to enjoy our member-only exclusive perks and discounts.

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