Why These 5 Plant-Based Desserts Are Perfect for Mother’s Day

As fresh buds blossom and hibernating animals awaken, the earth appears to have come back to life again. Spring is the season of new life and, quite appropriately, Mother’s Day. 

Now is the best time to find the perfect gift for your mother to show her how much you love and cherish her. 

Use the day to show her some extra affection by getting her these ridiculously healthy desserts. 

Pick out any of these compassionate, cruelty-free, and plant-based treats that will be delivered right to your mother's doorstep to surprise her on her special day.

Why Should You Get Your Mother Vegan Desserts? 

Even if your mother is not vegan, you should have her try vegan treats. 

You don’t want her to eat desserts containing excessive creams, butter, or other animal-based and unhealthy ingredients.

Plant-based treats come as the perfect alternative. 

“The main trend in plant-based desserts is clean, safe, and natural ingredients that are pure in their processing and have nutritional benefits,” says Manuela Scalini, a Barbados-based plant-based chef and educator.

Furthermore, today’s world has seen an increased demand for vegan food. People are becoming more conscious about the well-being of the planet and its animals. The current vegan and plant-based dessert market is held at a valuation of 2.68 billion and is expected to grow even more. 

By getting your mother vegan treats for Mother’s Day, you’re not only helping her sate her sweet tooth with a nutritious substitute but are also helping her to save the planet.

Layla’s Delicacies Knows What Your Mother Needs

When you buy from Layla’s Delicacies, you will be giving your mother treats that are nutritious and tasty. 

You will also be giving your mother an introduction to Tunisia’s dynamic multicultural history.

The stuffing techniques used in making Tunisian pastries were inherited from the Moors of Spain. The use of almonds was influenced by the Berbers of North Africa while the use of pistachio was brought over from the Middle East.

Furthermore, the Italians and French who lived among the Tunisians perfected the process of making these treats. 

All of these and more go into making extremely sophisticated treats that will takeyour mother’s tasting journey through different times and cultures.

As for the taste, all the treats are kept well-balanced and aren’t as sweet as you’d expect. This is done by adding more nuts (70%) so you can get more natural flavors. This also means our treats will give you a good fiber and protein intake.

The nuts that we incorporate in our treats are mostly almonds, pistachios, and hazelnuts. However, they have a plethora of health benefits:

Nuts Health Benefits
  • Delivers a large number of nutrients such as fibers, proteins, Vitamin E, Manganese, and more
  • Are loaded with antioxidants
  • Can help control blood sugar
  • Can lower cholesterol levels
  • Reduce hunger and lower calorie intake
  • Contain antioxidant and anti-inflammatory traits
  • Lowers your risk of cardiovascular disease
  • Helps regulate blood sugar, blood pressure, and cholesterol
  • Aids in managing weight
  • Lowers the percentage of fat and sugar (glycemic index) in blood
  • Supports healthy bowel movement
  • Reduces the risk of weight gain
  • Protects against cell damage
  • Improves insulin sensitivity
  • May promote a healthy heart

Start Mother’s Day Right With Our Almond Fingers

Almond Fingers served on a platter

If you really want your mother to feel pampered this Mother’s Day, there’s nothing better than pulling a classic move like breakfast in bed. Your mom will feel like the queen that she is waking up to the smell of a warm breakfast and a cup of strong coffee.

However, you can make this extra special by serving her a plate of our nourishing Almond Fingers with her morning coffee. Generally considered to be a morning pastry, it goes hand in hand with coffee thanks to its nutty and sweet flavors. 

No matter what you do for the rest of the day, if you start your mother’s day right, she will feel special, which is of course your main priority.

Testimonial from Ana Pinzon

How Is It Made?

This plant-based dessert is made with a mixture of almonds and hazelnuts that are rolled in a crispy brik filo sheet. 

Did you know? While the Almond Fingers did originate in Morocco, it became a part of Tunisian tradition.

Our artisan starts by making the crisp brik sheets. The batter is cooked on a flat hot surface after being made into an incredibly thin sheet (less than 0.04 inches). 

This step requires such precision that only a baker with decades of experience can get it right. The sheet needs to be both crispy and malleable enough to be rolled. If the sheet is cooked for even one second more, it will turn too hard to be worked with.

Next, bakers mix the almonds and hazelnuts with syrup to hold  them together perfectly. Our Tunisian artisans handpick the nuts so only the finest ones make it to your Almond Fingers. When the mix is completed, it’s rolled into the brik filo sheets and that’s it. 

The Almond Fingers are then ready to be packaged.

As you can tell, a lot of care and attention goes into making our Almond Fingers. Your mother will definitely feel the love with every bite of this delectable treat.

Best pastries ever!

Delicious pastries, hand-made with quality natural ingredients. The best of the best!”
Ana Pinzon (Houston, US) 

Sharing a Samsa Pistachio Has a Deeper Meaning

Now, if your mother prefers a cup of tea over coffee with her breakfast, we would recommend our Samsa Pistachio. This pastry is extremely well-known in North Africa and pairs graciously with mint tea. 

Presenting your mother with this plant-based treat for Mother’s Day symbolizes your love for her. 

Traditionally, giving someone Samsa shows how much you like them. In fact, no one shares this delicious treat when they can have it all by themselves. 

This is why Samsa is served when friends and family members gather. 

Samsa Pistachio served on a platter

How Is It Made?

The recipes for Samsa Pistachio change from one family to another as they are passed down from generation to generation over the centuries. 

The only ingredients that remain the same are these two components: 

  • The moist filling
  • The crispy brik filo sheet. 

Like in the Almond Finger, the brik filo sheets are again cooked on a flat hot surface and made into an extremely thin sheet. Only an expert baker can get the consistency and thickness right. 

Only the finest almonds and hazelnuts from the Mediterranean go into making the filling. Once everything is blended to make the crunchy mix, it’s wrapped in a triangle-shaped filo sheet. 

Then, the entire mix is soaked in orange-blossom flavored water and syrup. 

Chopped pistachios are next sprinkled on top of each piece to give you the triangle-shaped little gems that are sure to win your mother’s heart. 

What a nice treat! Little works of art.

All of the Layla’s Delicacies I’ve had were amazing. I really love that there are so many vegan treats. The Samsa pistachio is light and crunchy and so delicious. The flavor and texture are perfect and these, like the others I’ve tried, are sweet but not too sugary. And everything is so beautiful, and beautifully packaged.”
Heather Harris (Oaklyn, US)

A Rose That Goes by the Name of Bjewia Pistachio

Spiritually, every rose symbolizes God’s love at work in the world. What better way to show your mother how much you love her than to present her with our rose-petal topped Bjewia Pistachio

This plant-based pastry is a nutty and sweet treat that sprung forth from the rich history of Tunisian culture. It’s a gluten-free blend of pistachio and almonds, that is topped off with dried rose petals to give a sweet and earthy flavor. 

Bjewia Pistachio wins hearts during celebrations. So, this gem is sure to win your mother’s affection. 

Bjewia Pistachio served on a plate

How Is It Made?

Our baker makes the syrup with equal parts of water and sugar. The citrus zest is added later to create a delicately balanced syrup. 

Next, our artisans use their expert hands to mix the pistachios and blanched almonds. 

Everything is then soaked in the zesty sugar syrup and carefully flattened to create an even surface with a thickness of approximately 1.5 inches. 

The treat is then left to cool until it solidifies into a hard layer. 

Once cooled, the nutty base is covered with a layer of sugar lace and then coated with dried rose petals. 

Finally, it’s cut into small squares of bite-sized treasures. 

Go On an Adventure With Our Vegan Box 

If you’re unsure about which plant-based treat will appeal to your mother the most, you can give her our Vegan Gift Box

Inside you will find a delicious assortment of Tunisian sweets that will win your mother’s heart at first glance. The box will take her on a journey of unique culinary experiences with every bite. 

A variety of Vegan Gift Box

Our Vegan Gift Box consists of: 

  • Chopped almonds and hazelnuts that are topped with pistachios and are shaped like pineapples (Pineapple Hazelnut). 
  • Almonds and pistachios that are topped with a thin layer of dried rose petals (Bjewia Pistachio). 
  • Jasmine flower-shaped soft mixture of almond and pistachio (Yasmina).
  • A soft pastry made of almonds and hazelnuts. 
  • A soft pastry made of almonds and pistachios. 

Delicious! Highly recommend!

Purchased this box to treat ourselves. Best decision ever - absolutely delicious and beautiful presentation! My family immigrated to the US from Tunis, and aside from making them myself, I’ve never been able to find Tunisian treats locally. Will definitely be ordering again for the whole family!”
Christina (Manhattan, US)

Spoil Your Mother With Our Vegan Box Limited Edition

Now, if you want to give your mother the premium experience, we suggest you go with our Vegan Box Limited Edition box. Inside the gorgeous box, you will find 30 mouthwatering nutty gems that are completely dairy-free, egg-free, and free of any animal products. 

These, too, are hand-made by master bakers using only the finest ingredients that come from the Mediterranean. 

Vegan Box Limited Edition

When opened, you will be greeted by: 

  • A crunchy mix made up of almonds and pistachios. 
  • Soft layers consisting of almonds and pistachios. 
  • Filo dough covered with almonds and pistachios. 
  • Crushed almonds and biscuits topped with hazelnut. 
  • Almonds and hazelnuts layered with pistachio. 

Delicious and Suitable for Guests

Thanks for providing Vegan options for people with food sensitivities and ethical convictions. The treats are fresh, attractive, and satisfying. Thank you!”
Lisa Oliner (Amherst, US)

Become the Favorite Child This Mother’s Day 

You love your mother, perhaps more than anyone else in the world, and we understand that. Layla’s Delicacies was born out of a love for baking and it is what it is today because we share that love with our close family and friends. 

We take the greatest care in every step of the process, from making the pastries to packaging them and shipping them to our customers. We’ll make sure the box gets to your mother in perfect condition and make her heart smile. 

Even if you’re running late this year with your Mother’s Day present — don’t worry. We can make sure that your gift reaches your mother’s doorstep within one business day.

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