How to Pick Good Housewarming Gifts for Vegetarians

If a new neighbor has invited you over for dinner or you’re visiting a loved one who recently moved, bring a housewarming gift as a pleasant gesture.

But the process for choosing the perfect gift can be a bit different when your host is a vegetarian. You’ll need to consider gifts that are cruelty-free and eco-friendly to respect their lifestyle.

So, here we talk about how to choose a gift for your vegetarian host that is thoughtful, within your budget, unique, and useful.

Step 1: Consider Simple, Sweet, and Thoughtful Vegetarian-Friendly Gifts

Selecting a great housewarming gift for a vegetarian host depends on how well you know your recipient. 

Here are a few points to look for in your host’s housewarming gift.


Strict vegetarians (vegans) eat purely plant-based foods and reject any animal products like meat, fish, poultry, and eggs. Lacto-vegetarians consume dairy products, while Lacto-ovo vegetarians eat both dairy and eggs. Some vegetarians eat fish but not poultry or meat.

Knowing what exactly your vegetarian host is comfortable consuming will help you select the best housewarming gift. 

For instance, if they’re strict vegans, avoid gifts made from animal products like leather, wool, silk, and beeswax. 

Environmental Factors

Chances are your vegetarian host is a proponent of a healthier and sustainable environment. So, opt for housewarming gifts from brands promoting eco-friendly practices and focusing on environmental stewardship. 


When shopping for your vegetarian host, it’s crucial to understand that some labels imply the products lack any animal products while others mean no testing was done on animals. 

Below are some common certifications and what they mean:

Certification Meaning
Certified Vegan No animal product used in the item
PETA-Approved Vegan Used on accessories, clothes, and home goods to indicate lack of animal raw materials like leather, silk, and feathers
Leaping Bunny Proves that a company doesn’t use animal testing at any stage of creating their products


Additional questions to help you pick the best housewarming gift for your vegetarian host:

  • What do they need in their life right now?
  • What are their likes and dislikes?
  • What are their favorite vegetarian treats?

Once you know the answers to these questions, choosing a simple and thoughtful gift for your recipient gets easier. 

For instance, if your vegetarian friend is a dog or cat lover, a thoughtful housewarming gift would be pet grass. This organic grass eases digestion, helps minimize chances of hairballs, and provides nutrients and fiber to pets.

organic pet grass

Whatever housewarming gift you pick for your vegetarian friend, ensure it conveys your efforts and thoughtfulness. 

You can also choose to bring a simple homemade vegetarian pie or buy some vegetarian-friendly Tunisian sweets from Layla’s Delicacies. 

Step 2: Stay Within Your Budget

Remember that this is only a housewarming gift; you’re not trying to solve all your host’s home problems. 

However, you don’t want to purchase a cheap and low quality housewarming gift that will lose its value in a year. 

Always work with a budget. For instance, if you can’t afford the entire vegetarian-friendly kitchen set for a host who loves cooking, get one quality appliance instead—like a tofu press to make crispier and tastier tofu varieties.

tofu press

If your vegetarian friend is not a big fan of cooking, there are other gift ideas you can select. You can get a variety of tasty vegetarian-friendly treats from Layla’s Delicacies for just under $50

From our Vegan Gift Box containing 22 assorted Tunisian sweets to the Samsa Pistachio with 8 bite-size pieces, you’ll get a perfect luxury gift at a comfortable price. 

Step 3: Think Outside the Box: Don’t Be So Obvious

Nobody wants to get the typical generic gifts on every occasion, be it Ramadan, a birthday, or Eid al-Fitr. It gets boring and predictable. 

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Ditch the bland and boring gift cards for an out-of-the-box item like vegan cosmetics from a plant-based and cruelty-free skincare brand. Such products are eco-friendly since they lack harmful chemicals and ingredients for the environment.

plant based skin care line

But, if you’re set on giving your host something a bit more traditional, go for houseplants or flowers. After all, no vegetarian can have too many plants in their home.

Step 4: Make Your Gift Special and Useful

When choosing the best gift for your vegetarian host, consider a useful item  that is guaranteed to add value to their lives. 

For instance, if your vegetarian host enjoys gardening, you can give them a kitchen herb garden kit to grow their favorite herbs just within their kitchen—no balcony or garden needed.

indoor herb garden kit

Another valuable gift for your host would be vegetarian-friendly cookies they can share with family. 

Layla’s Delicacies boasts a range of vegan treats made with just the right amount of nuts for a nutty flavor. 

Expert Tip: Pair our “morning pastry” Almond Finger with coffee to get the most out of its sweet and nutty flavor.

Our Ultimate Housewarming Gift Guide for Your Vegetarian Host

Cooking while still settling in can be a challenge to many, so getting delicious bites would be an excellent idea.

From vegan gift boxes with assorted sweets to pure vegan tasty treats like Baklava El Bey, Layla’s Delicacies has got you covered. Surprise your loved ones with our nutty bite-sized treats handcrafted by the best artisans and baked to perfection. 

Your vegetarian host will indeed love these tasty treats, just like our client Mianne:

So, the next time you’re invited for a housewarming event, surprise your host with these thoughtful, budget-friendly, unique, and useful gifts. 

Bring along one or two treats from Layla’s Delicacies to make the gift even more special, and let your host and friends indulge. 

Our vegetarian-friendly treats include:

vegan limited edition
Vegan Limited Edition

Get 30 pieces of assorted vegetarian-friendly sweets baked to perfection with the highest quality nuts

samsa pistachio
Samsa Pistachio

Samsa is traditionally served at events and gatherings, making it a perfect intimate housewarming gift

vegan gift box
Vegan Box

The vegan box contains 22 assorted Tunisian sweets made with a modern twist while still maintaining a nutty flavor


Order your treats today, and we’ll ship them to you within one business day within the U.S. We’ll be glad to help you put a smile on your host’s face.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can I give my vegetarian host wine as a housewarming gift? 

Yes, but some wines are fined with animal products in production, so be careful. and choose those fined with vegetarian-friendly ingredients. 

What DIY vegetarian-friendly housewarming gifts can I make for my host? 

Give your host thoughtful homemade vegetarian-friendly gifts such as: 

  • Oatmeal cookies in a jar
  • Scented candles
  • Rosemary infused olive oil
  • Mason jar planters

How will I know if a product is vegetarian friendly?

Most vegetarian products have a green symbol and Unicode character Ⓥ (a circled letter V).


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