4 Ideas for Celebrating Eid al-Fitr Including Easy Baklava Delivery

How ready are you for that heart-lifting moment when the new moon appears in Mecca?

When the 9th month of Ramadan closes in, our hearts fill with expectations of the long-awaited Eid al-Fitr.

It’s smart to start planning on time — as there’s plenty to do before we can exchange “Eid Mubarak” with our loved ones.

Muslims all over the world spare no money and no time so that the celebration will hold the merit of both kindness and lavishness.

After all, Eid al-Fitr is a time of abundance.

Want to make your Eid nothing short of spectacular? Discover how by using our four ideas below. You'll get special insider tricks — from how to dress up your home to how to pay your alms differently this year.

Baklava is at the heart of this traditional Muslim observance day, so you’ll also learn where to find the most delectable baklava treats online to help satiate the hunger.

4 Most Refined Ways to Express Gratitude on Eid Al Fitr

Clean Up and Put on the Fanciest Apparel

Eid marks the end of the month-long fasting period of Ramadan and is the time of gratitude, prayer, and charity.

The celebration is an effervescent continuation of prayer, cleansing, and dressing up.

That said, your Eid al-Fitr can’t go without obtaining brand new clothing. It’s every bit as important as the dawn prayer and the “ghusl” ritual that precede the dressing.

Families often go on shopping sprees to buy unique clothes, which makes the event much more special.

Although Eid clothes differ across cultures in color, shape, and style, one rule applies everywhere: don the best gear you have.

Below are some fresh apparel ideas:

  • Pair bold colors and silk, but make sure to tone them down with a pastel color headscarf.
  • Go all white with a fine-thread ankle long cardigan on top.
  • Meet Eid al-Fitr with a more modern floral dress and blazer combination. 

Prepare Your Presents and Donations

discover amazing gifts — get baklava delivered
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Eid is all about love and sharing, so the most blessed Eid is one that’s shared with people around you.

The celebration can start only after Zakat ul-Fitr donations have been given.

The three days of celebration are filled with little acts of kindness. Family gift-giving marks the central part of the celebration.

If the traditional gift-giving doesn't quite do it for you anymore, we’re filling you in with some fresh, fun ideas:

  • Organize the sweets buffet. Create a feast for the eyes. Buy the most luxurious kaak warka, samsa, and baklava and share them with your family.

    Display your delicacies on a tray, distribute treat bags and let everyone choose their favorites.
  • Play a guessing game. Place everyone’s names in a box and let each member draw the name of the person whom they’ll be gifting.

    When the gifts are bought, put them on the table with the recipient tags and let the fun begin. It’ll be fun to see who the giver is.
  • Make DIY gifts. Swap traditional gifts for DIY gifts. It’s a great pastime for the entire family, and you can end up with something unique.

Brighten Up the Home

brighten up your home and add some baklava to your table
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The first harbingers of the three-day Eid celebration are the home decorations. The joyful spirit of the festival is imprinted in intricate lanterns and light decorations.

Aside from the usual scented candles, tealight lanterns, and fairy lights, think along the lines of: 

  • Paper star and crescent moon garlands
  • Festive Eid Mubarak banners 
  • Eid doorway curtains
  • DIY moon ornaments

Prepare a Hearty Feast

a lovely feast, and have baklava for dessert
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This holy event marks the end of the strict period of dawn-to-dusk fasting, so expectedly, plenty of action revolves around the food.

There’s splurging and luxury, but there’s also charity through offering any excess food to the needy.

Families come together to share one of the most delicious feasts of the year. They share luxurious, finger-licking foods, snacks, and desserts, such as chocolate boxes, baklava, or kahk.

Yet, these feasts vary across cultures. If you could see the assortment of Eid foods from the U.S. to Saudi Arabia and beyond, that would be quite an assortment to see.

Below is our list of the most common foods (some of which you’ll hopefully be able to use as your favorite Eid al-Fitr food ideas):

  • Halal meat dishes are the popular meals of choice. Patties or skewers prepared on fat are go-to Eid dishes in the Middle East, Turkey, and Central Asia. Serve them with spinach tabbouleh or a couscous salad.

    Try a meat and basmati rice dish or chicken and cranberries and rice for the U.S. meal version.
  • A dessert is a must. Whether you favor fruit cakes, spice cakes, or date-filled pastries, sweets (and we mean plenty of them) must find their way to your table.

    There’s a reason behind why the event is also called Sweet Eid. So what’s it going to be this year — kahk, kanafeh, baklava, some decadent chocolate, or all of them piled up together?

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The Most Delicious Baklava Tray for Your Eid Celebration

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Combined, all the rituals come together to create a heart-warming atmosphere of love, peace, and harmony.

It’s when those little acts of kindness matter most.

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