3 Delectable Treats That Can Be Added to a Baklava Gift Box

What do you get the person who is impossible to shop for?

You know the one. The person who can never answer the question “What do you want for the next holiday?” The person who “has everything?”

What about dessert? Everyone loves dessert!

Baklava, the traditional Mediterranean dessert, is a crowd-pleaser that can delight even the hardest person to shop for.

Baklava Pistachio
Baklava Pistachio

A traditional, middle eastern pastry famously made with light, buttery layers of filo dough and a sweet, honey, nutty filling that gives you a sweet and savory dessert you can enjoy almost guilt-free.

Baklava is one of the most iconic Mediterranean sweets. With the slight crunch of the crispy outer edges of filo and the deliciously balanced sweet and nutty filling, they are a tried and true pastry.

It’s tempting to fill a gift box with only baklava. After all, there is a variety to choose from. Vegan, filled with pistachios, walnuts, Greek-style, Turkish-style… the list goes on.

But what if you could mix it up?

What about other lesser-known but delectable gourmet pastries from the Mediterranean and the Middle East? You can surprise and delight your family and friends with new and exotic pastries they’ve never heard of — but are sure to enjoy just as much as they enjoy baklava.

Appreciation Box, 46 pc.
Appreciation Box, 46 pc.

There are so many options to pair with baklava in your gift box. You can include everything from:

  • Kaak Warka
  • Pistachio Samsa
  • Almond Fingers
  • Baklava El Bey (a vegan version of the traditional pastry)
  • Bjewia Pistachio

Add unique, creative pastries to your baklava gift box and delight your recipients with new and delicious dessert experiences. 

Why Add to Baklava?

Although gourmet baklava is a surefire crowd-pleaser, sometimes you’ll want to include more adventurous options. Maybe you have a friend who always wants to try something new.

Or you want to express your appreciation for your co-workers and subordinates with a variety of treats.

Our traditional, gourmet Tunisian pastries are unlike many other dessert and pastry boxes. We produce balanced, delicious pastries that you can indulge in guilt-free. We use up to 70% more nuts in our recipes, ensuring you’re getting fiber and protein with your treats.

If you know someone who loves gourmet baklava, you can rest easy knowing these additions to your baklava gift box are sure to delight and surprise them. 

Add Celebratory Kaak Warka to Accompany Your Baklava

How about adding a traditional Tunisian pastry, the kaak warka

Kaak Warka
Kaak Warka

These delicate, exquisite sweet treats are a pastry typically reserved for times of great celebration — like weddings or housewarming parties. A sweet, doughnut-shaped luxury filled with almond paste and rosewater, kaak warka is a perfect addition to any gift box.

When they melt in your mouth, you’ll understand why the kaak warka is a pastry that exudes happiness and celebration. Enjoy on their own, or even pair with a cup of mint tea to experience a truly delightful snack.

Samsa Pistachio Pastries Are a Special Inclusion in Your Baklava Gift Box

Looking for a dessert to compete with the baklava in your gift box? A pastry that is chock full of nuts? How about pistachio, almonds, and hazelnuts?

Look no further than our gourmet pistachio Samsa.

Samsa Pistachio
Samsa Pistachio

This delectable triangle treat is made with the skill that only decades of baking can provide. Brik filo sheets are artfully made by hand and then filled with a nutty-sweet combination of hazelnuts and almonds — the best the Mediterranean has to offer.

We add a crunchy pistachio outer layer, and you have a treat that pairs perfectly with mint tea, baklava… or another samsa! These pastries are so tasty that it’s hard to share.

Add a few of these to your baklava gift box, and you’ll easily show your appreciation for the recipient.

Add a Breakfast Pastry With Our Almond Finger Pastry

These are the perfect pastry to add to your gift box if your recipient loves morning pastries. The almond finger is great to enjoy with breakfast and pairs quite well with a freshly brewed cup of Turkish coffee

Almond Finger
Almond Finger

Brik sheets of dough are carefully crisped up.

The texture is a key part of the process: too crunchy and the dough can’t be rolled, too soft, and the treat will lose the integrity of its shape and flavor.

Add in a well-balanced, subtly sweet combination of hazelnuts, almonds, and syrup, roll it up, and you have a delightfully special pastry addition to a gift box that is sure to excite your friends and family. 

Hand-Selected Gift Box With Treats Sure to Surprise and Delight

What if you included no baklava in your gift box? Do you know anyone who would love a box full of new, delicious, and under-rated Mediterranean pastries?

Try one of our boxes of delicious pastries. With the inclusion of Bjewia and Almond Boats, your adventurous recipient will be delighted with the new and exciting pastries you introduce to their palate.

We have the amazing Bjewia pastry — filled with pistachios and almonds, baked to perfection, and then topped with dried rose petals for a savory-sweet dessert guaranteed to impress.

Vegan Box, 22 pc.
Vegan Box, 22 pc.

...And don’t forget the chocolate almond boat, that provides a smooth, silky layer of chocolate combined with a mix of almonds and hazelnuts that produces a joyful flavor in your mouth. 

The gift boxes are thoughtfully curated, with beautiful packaging, and each pastry is carefully selected to surprise and delight your recipients. Make sure to order one for yourself to see just how delicious it is. 

Satisfy Every Dietary Preference With the Vegan Box

Have a few vegan co-workers that would love a pastry gift box?

It can be hard to verify your pastry providers, ensuring your vegan gift box recipients will be delighted, but also adhere to their dietary preferences and restrictions.

Look no further than our Vegan gift box.

Vegan Box, 22 pc.
Vegan Box, 22 pc.

22 pieces of delicious, artful pastries that are “almost too beautiful to eat,” but also “hard not to eat in one sitting.” They will delight and amaze your vegan friends, and they’ll be able to enjoy traditional Mediterranean pastries guilt-free.

Build Your Unique Baklava Gift Box

Want to create a unique and special gift box for your friends, family, or co-workers? Order each of our delectable middle-eastern pastries, and mix and match them to create the ultimate delicious pastry gift box.

Kaak Warka
Kaak Warka

We wrap each of our originals individually, so creating the perfect gift box is a breeze. You can introduce these delectable treats and be certain they’ll please even the toughest person to gift for.

Gift With Ease

With fast shipping, artful and delicious pastries, and beautiful packaging, we provide an easy shopping and gifting experience for even the most challenging recipients in your life. 

Appreciation Box, 23 pc.
Appreciation Box, 23 pc.

Whether you hand-select the pastries in the box or let us do it for you, you can have a stress-free gifting experience that will become a staple for all of your gift needs.

No matter the occasion: birthdays, weddings, and even employee appreciation gifts will be taken care of with a few clicks of a button, and every person you buy for will know you truly care. Check out all your options today.

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