Appreciation Box, 23 pc.


This Gift Box contains an assortment of Tunisian sweets with a modern twist. You will get a variety of unique culinary experiences like Bjewia Pistachio topped with dried rose petals or the Almond Boat filled with caramelized chocolate. We always keep our treats balanced and not too sweet by including more nuts (70%) so you can enjoy more of the natural flavors while getting a good dose of fibers and protein. These boxes are perfect for showing appreciation at any gifting occasion—birthdays, housewarmings, holidays, and more.

23 pieces of delectable art. Net Weight: 335g / 12oz.
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Inside the Box

Chopped almond, and hazelnut topped with pistachio
Crunchy walnut with white chocolate and almond
Sliced almonds and caramel chocolate
Crunched Pistachio enclosed in almond paste
Crunchy sesame shell with silky chocolate
Crunchy pistachio with white chocolate and lemon
Almond and pistachio topped with dried roses
Soft mixture of almond and pistachio
Crunchy hazelnut with white chocolate and berry
Soft mixture of almond and hazelnut
Soft mixture of almond and pistachio

2-layer box

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These treats are extremely sophisticated thanks to Tunisia’s vibrant multicultural history. The stuffing techniques were inherited from the Moors of Spain. The use of almond was influenced by the Berbers of North Africa while the use of pistachio came from the Middle East. The refinement in making these delicacies came from the French and the Italians who lived among Tunisians in the last century. Each box is a journey through cultures and time.

Shipping info

Your fresh order will be shipped from New Jersey within 1 business day of placing the order.

We take the utmost care in packaging and shipping. This way your treats will arrive to you in great condition. All our orders are packed by our shipping specialists and include a frozen gel pack in warm weather and temperature control insulation to ensure outside conditions will not impact the shipment. Upon request, we can include a complimentary gift message.

How to keep it fresh?

Keep the original packaging in a cool (58°f-65°f) dry place and serve within a week.

Carefully plastic wrap the box and refrigerate to extends the awesomeness of our treats to 4 weeks. Take out 1 hour before serving.

Customer Reviews

Based on 151 reviews

I’m so very impressed with Layla’s delicacies. I sent them to a friend as a ‘Thinking of you’ gift. The service was so fast, she received them within 2 days. She called to say how beautifully wrapped they came and how pretty and delicious the sweets were. She almost didn’t feel like eating them because they were so beautiful. But most importantly she said she felt loved! Thank you so much for the great service. Definitely recommend to everyone.

Delicate, beautiful, and delicious

We brought the box as a present to a party. The presentation of the box and beautiful dainty tasty pastries inside delighted our hosts. Thank you!

Birthday treat review

Apparently they were Omg Outstanding! A birthday gift for my daughter. She loved them.

Delicious gift!

A great way to celebrate a school friend’s birthday. Indulgent and delicious. She’s very pleased.

Delicious and luscious treats.

Creative work, Bravo

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