5 Unconventional Baby Shower Gifts the Mum-to-Be Will Love

Most times, our expectant friends receive common baby shower gifts like baby carriers and diaper bags, which can get bland and boring.

So, give a  thoughtful and outside-the-box baby shower gift to set you aside and show your effort towards the whole gifting process.

If you’re wondering which unique gifts to pick for your mum-to-be friend, consider these 5 baby shower gifts: 

  1. Diaper cake
  2. Congrats gift box
  3. Letters to my baby personalized journal
  4. Mommy milestone wine bottle labels 
  5. Heart gift box

The gift boxes can be purchased from Layla’s Delicacies at friendly prices.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at these unconventional gifts.

1 - Diaper Cake

diaper cake

As unusual as it may seem, many mums admit that a diaper cake is one of the best baby shower gifts they’ve ever received.

Towered in a cake-like shape, the diapers are often decorated with ribbons, paper cutouts, or a sign with little sayings like “It’s a Girl” or “Oh Baby!”.

A diaper cake also gives you options to pair it with other mum and baby items, such as: 

  • Teddy bear
  • Champagne
  • Rattles
  • Baby blankets

Besides providing your expectant friend with lots of diapers (sometimes up to 135), a diaper cake also acts as an excellent party decoration. If you’re hosting the baby shower, use it as a centerpiece in the gift or activity table to draw your visitors’ eyes.

Whether you choose to make your own diaper cake or buy one from a gift shop, you won’t go wrong with this eye-catching, memorable gift. 

Expert Tip: Pair your diaper cake with Layla’s Delicacies healthy and tasty sweets as complimentary gifts. As the mum-to-be waits for delivery, she’ll have healthy treats to indulge in now.

2 - Congrats Gift Box

congrats gift box

Chances are that your pregnant friend is on a no-alcohol and little-caffeine diet. So, some sweet treats could be the most delightful part of their nine months.

The 23-piece Congrats Gift Box from Layla’s Delicacies boasts assorted healthy and nutty-flavored Tunisian treats, ranging from the vegan Bjewia Pistachio bound with dried rose petals to the Rocher Almond coated in hazelnut. 

Other treats you’ll find in the Congrats Gift Box and what they entail are included in the table below.

What’s Included What It Entails Image
Buche Hazelnut Crunchy hazelnut packed with berries and white chocolate (3 pieces) Bouche Hazelnut
Boule Pistachio Crushed hazelnut rolled in pistachio (2 pieces) Boule Pistachio
Charlotte Sesame Crunchy sesame shell coated in silky chocolate (2 pieces) Charlotte Sesame
Buche Pistachio Crunchy pistachio containing lemon and white chocolate (3 pieces) Buche Pistachio

Made with a modern twist, these treats have 70% added nuts to ensure they’re not too sweet and provide the recipient with enough fibers and proteins.

The Congrats Gift Box comes in 4 variations to help you select the best that fits your budget and host: 

You won’t have to re-package your gift when you purchase any of our treats. They come in ready-to-go, beautifully wrapped boxes that can be customized for any occasion. Include a card or note, and your baby shower gift is ready for delivery!

Your expectant friend will delight in the tasty treats, just like our client Nirmal:

“...Sweets are very delicious and of eye-catching design made with pure, healthy ingredients. I will certainly buy again.

— Nirmal Patel, Jacksonville, US


3 - Letters to My Baby Personalized Journal

letters to my little boy personalized journal

A “letters to my baby notebook is a thoughtful gift for mum-to-be that even their unborn child will love in the future.

The expectant mum can store beautiful pregnancy memories, the baby’s milestones, and write letters that her child will read when he or she grows older. 

Every notebook page includes an exciting topic for the baby that the mother can write , including:

  • How we found out about you
  • On the day you were born
  • How we celebrated your first birthday
  • My wishes for you as you grow old
  • My pregnancy experience with you

Expert Tip: Pair the “letters to my baby” journal with infant board books that the baby will enjoy from birth as he or she grows. Board books are durable and safer for infants because of their thick paperboard construction which prevents chewing or swallowing. 

4 - Mommy Milestone Wine Bottle Labels

mommy milestone labels

If she’s a wine lover, your expectant friend can’t wait for the day to have it again. When this time comes, wine with cute mommy milestone labels will make the wait worthwhile.

Every first-time mother will experience a series of firsts in motherhood—first diaper change, first mommy meltdown, first-time baby sleeps throughout the night, and so forth. A glass of wine is an ideal way to celebrate these wins.

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Whether presented as a gift basket or as a centerpiece for the baby shower event, other gifters will surely talk of how unique your gift is, and mothers will relate to the milestones.

Most labels come in a multi-color pastel palette, making them gender-neutral and ideal for your expectant friend if the baby’s gender isn’t known yet.

You may choose to print the labels on your own or buy personalized ones. They may indicate the following milestones:  

  • First Ladies’ Night Out
  • First Time Traveling Without Baby
  • First Public Tantrum
  • First Mommy and Daddy Date After Birth
  • First Diaper Blowout

Once you have your wine, remove the initial label and replace it with the mommy milestones label. 

To remove the label efficiently, soak the label portion in baking soda for at least 30 minutes, then use a scraping tool. Rub off any leftover paper or glue residue with a rug. If the wipe isn’t clean yet, repeat the soak.

Expert Tip: For best results, apply the labels on the straight walls of the wine bottle. Curved edges may pluck the labels out.

5 - Heart Gift Box

heart gift box

Layla’s Delicacies Heart Gift Box is an excellent gift to show your love to the mum-to-be. 

Packed with just the right mix of nuts, the assorted treats from the Heart Gift Box give off a nutty and sweet, but not overly sweet flavor that will warm your recipient’s heart with the first bite.

The treats are also made with an artisan’s passion giving them an artistic shape and feel. 

If your recipient is a vegetarian, the Heart Gift Box is a must-have with its assortment of vegetarian-friendly treats:

  • Boule Pistachio
  • Pineapple Hazelnut
  • Buche Hazelnut
  • Almond Finger
  • Bjewia Pistachio
  • Yasmina
  • Rocher Almond

The treats come in sets of 11 or 26 bite-sized pieces, giving you the option to select your preferred package.

Expert Tip: The Heart Gift Box is still an excellent gift to give your loved ones on other special occasions like Valentine’s, Birthdays, and Ramadan. 

Give Your Expectant Loved One These Baby Shower Gifts She’ll Live to Remember

Your mum-to-be friend has probably already purchased baby shawls and diaper bags , so she’ll love a gift that’s well thought and out of the norm.

From a diaper cake to Layla’s Delicacies gift boxes, your recipient will live to remember these unconventional gifts. 

If your recipient is vegan, give them our exceptional vegan gifts made with just the right combination of nutty flavor—sweet but not-too-sweet to put off those dreading sugary treats. 

Make your order today and we’ll ship it within one business day nationwide. If you’d love it personalized for the baby shower occasion, reach out to us and we’ll be glad to help.


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