Tunisian sweets: A Mediterranean temptation

Tunisian sweets are an absolute vice, for which, you will surely fall! A true sunny journey into North Africa, all along with perfumes that bring a reminiscence of the Mediterranean; If you have a sweet tooth, you will surely be lured by the charm and delicacy of these pastries. But first, let’s see how much do you know about Tunisia? Well, Tunisia is a so beautiful sun-kissed North African country, and it can maintain that climate during all the year. This weather allows it to dispose of undeniable ingredients that facilitate the creation of many sweets such as Dates, Almonds, pistachios but also floral water… we should yet know that the recipe of those Tunisian sweets is passed from generation to generation, for our utmost joy!

What makes the Tunisian sweets always tasty?

Each pastry has a unique particularity that differentiates it from the others. If you prefer light and fine sweets, you will surely love knowing about the many Tunisian sweets.  Everyone falls into the charm of Tunisian baklavathat comes filled and coated with pistachio, or even Kaakthat contains the best Almond paste infused with rose water. Also, the crispy Samsais with no second doubt a tempting way that welcomes you into a sky of pleasure!

Tunisian sweets are a real delight for which you will utterly fall. You can taste Tunisian sweets at tea time or simply for little hunger. Tunisian sweets are cherished as they are perfumed by floral water and bring us into magic moments.

Another aspect that makes Tunisian recipes always so good are the fact that they are transmitted from generation to generation, and well preserved. Traditional recipes that deserve injecting their sweet soul into each ingredient.

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