Discover the Middle Eastern pastries

Middle Eastern pastries don’t need greed to be tasted! You don’t need to justify your guilt, because you have only allowed yourself to experience a pure moment of joy. With top-notch ingredients such as honey, almonds, pistachio… and a touch of love and passion, each treat is a cruise to the sea of savors and tastes. With Layla’s Delicacies, you can swim into that sea with no limits. You only need simple clicks to get your so desired sweets!

Middle Eastern pastries, made for you!

Have you ever felt the taste of pistachio baklavasor other Tunisian sweets such as Samsa? If not, then you are really missing a lot! A simple bite will appease your hunger! Either you chose the almond ones or hazelnut or even pistachio, middle-eastern pastries are simply divine and exquisite. They are a gift from ancestors for everyone’s satisfaction!

Layla’s Delicacies, your online sweet store!

Only a few clicks to treat yourself! It is possible to order what you need online and benefit of the rates we offer on our succulent Tunisiansweets! The online shop is secured. In addition to that, we pledge that you will reach satisfaction and receive your awaited sweets always fresh!

Middle-eastern pastries as a gift idea

If you need to offer a giftto someone and you lack ideas, you can choose from our well-wrapped presents! Full of the best delicacy Tunisian pastries! Anyone will fall for their charm!