6 Mediterranean Eid Gifts Ideas Your Loved Ones Will Be Nuts About

Eid celebrations take place twice a year during Eid-Ul-Fitr and Eid-Ul-Adha, which gives you double the chance to show off your exceptional gift-giving skills. 

During these celebrations, friends and family members gather to pray, share meals, celebrate, give back to society, and exchange gifts. To go the extra mile this year, consider drawing inspiration from the Mediterranean region. Borrow from the Pyramids of Egypt, the culinary experiences of Tunisia and Morocco, and even Greek Mythology to find that perfect gift to show your love for your friends and family.

  • So, let’s take a look at six gift ideas sure to impress at the Eid festivities.

Idea 1 - Samsa Pistachio

Samsa Pistachio from Layla’s Delicacies
Samsa Pistachio

This is a treat native to Northern Africa and served at gatherings of families and friends.

These delicious little triangles are made by mixing almonds and hazelnuts to form a chewy inner filling, placed in a crispy outer layer made of thin brik filo sheets. Crushed pistachio nuts are then sprinkled on top to create a decadent treat that pairs perfectly with a warm mug of mint tea. 

Stand out from everyone else during your Eid celebrations with this Samsa Pistachio treat. Choose between an 8-piece package that is suitable for gifting an individual or an 18-piece package for large celebrations.

“What a nice treat! Little works of art. Light, crunchy, and delicious. The flavor and texture are perfect. Beautifully packaged.”
Heather Harris

Idea 2 - Gift Basket

gift basket containing food and drinks

For your loved one who spends all their free time in the kitchen, a gift basket with everything they need to create new culinary experiences is sure to delight. Make it a long-lasting gift by choosing items that can be safely stored or used for years, such as:

  • Mediterranean cookbook 
  • Condiments i.e. olive oil (Greece), pesto sauce (Italy), Aceto Balsamico Tradizionale (Italy)
  • A customized apron with designs from their favorite Mediterranean country

Show your support for their creative food ventures with this thoughtful gift.

Idea 3 - Almond Finger

Almond Fingers by Layla’s Delicacies
Appreciation Gift Box, 14 pc.

Give your loved ones a reason to be excited for breakfast with these soft Almond Fingers that are designed to give a taste of Morocco with every bite.

Made using a blend of almonds and hazelnuts that are then rolled in crispy brik filo sheets, this treat provides the perfect balance between nutty and sweet flavors and pairs perfectly with a morning cup of coffee.

Choose between a 22-piece box for a large gathering or a 10-piece box for a small get-together.

Idea 4 - Customized Prayer Mat

woman praying on a prayer mat

How better to show support for your beloved’s faith than by gifting them their own customized prayer mat? Opt for a Mediterranean Blue mat made of the finest fibers and has a special message or their name written on it as a personal touch. 

This gift is easy to pack, making it perfect for those who travel a lot. Complement this gift with a small version of the Quran that they can easily move around with.

Idea 5 - Escape Box

Escape Box from Layla’s Delicacies
Escape Boxes

Celebrate Eid festivities with these Tunisian treats that are handmade with unique and intricate designs.

Our Escape Box has a variety of treats like the Bjewia Pistachio which is topped with dried rose petals, and the Almond Boat which is filled with caramelized chocolate. Your health is our priority and we ensure to maintain the perfect balance between sweet and nutty (70%) with all our treats.

We have a range of sizes for individuals, small families, or large gatherings.

testimonial from Iram

Layla’s Delicacies Gift Box Content

Each of our gift boxes are unique with different treats packed inside and are beautifully packaged with all sweets individually wrapped. What you can expect to find: 

Treat Description
Fine Almond Rolls A combination of soft almonds and hazelnut
Bjewia Pistachio Fine almond and pistachio topped with edible rose petals
The Nutty Blast Combination of almond, hazelnut, and pistachio offering a high protein, high fiber treat
Almond Pistachio Bites Pistachio treat that has a flower white glazing
Walnutty Goodness Half a walnut dipped in soft almond paste and white chocolate
Baklava El Bey Crunched pistachio and almond paste treat
Almond Boats Almonds, sliced and dipped in caramel chocolate

Watch how we delicately prepare our treats in the video below. 

Idea 6 - Night Light

man holding a moon-shaped night light

A suitable gift for loved ones of any age, but especially so for the little ones of the family with their diverse range of shapes and sizes. From crystals to moons and pyramids, you’re guaranteed to find one that perfectly matches your loved one’s interests.

The best characteristic of the night light is its multi-functionality. It can be used to produce soft light that keeps your loved ones feeling safe deep in the night, or as a great decorative piece to brighten any room.

Give someone the night light this Eid and watch their face brighten up in delight.

Make This Eid Extra Special with Mediterranean Inspired Gifts

Gift-giving is a form of love and the Mediterranean Basin offers plenty of inspiration to draw on to blow your loved ones away this Eid. With a little creativity, you can find numerous gift ideas suitable for your loved one that will always remind them of this special celebration. 

To get started, browse our range of sweet delicacies drawn from traditional recipes of Northern Africa today.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Eid?

Eid is a Muslim celebration that takes place twice a year during Eid-Ul-Fitr which marks the end of Ramadan—the holy month of fasting, introspection and prayer—and Eid-Ul-Adha which marks the end of the annual pilgrimage to Mecca.

When do the two Eid celebrations take place?

Eid-Ul-Fitr takes place on the first day of the tenth month of the Islamic calendar while Eid-Ul-Adha takes place on the tenth day of the final month of the Islamic calendar. 

What are some Eid traditions?

On the first day of Eid, family members and friends gather to pray and share a feast. Other traditions include giving back to society and exchanging gifts. The celebrations last 3 to 4 days depending on the type of Eid celebration.

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