The Perfect Tunisian Vegan Pastry: Bjewia Pistachio

Sweets have a way of transporting us to another time, another place—somewhere that feels like home.

This was the ethos upon which Layla’s Delicacies was founded, to bring the sweet reminiscence of the balmy breeze and sand-kissed coast of Tunisia to the hustle and bustle of New Jersey.

A land of many flavors, Tunisia’s multi-cultural history has left its mark on the palate of the country.

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From the medieval majesty of Medina to the potent history of Carthage, and from the French, to the Romans—alternating periods of conquest, independence, and trade have woven their mark into the colorful fabric of the cultural tapestry of Tunisia.

Shape-shifting, changing, forming, and reforming, Tunisia has imagined and reimagined itself with the rolling of time, and why should the 21st Century be any different?

If you’re looking for an authentic, delicious, and cruelty-free dessert straight from the jasmine-scented Mediterranean coast of Tunisia, look no further than Layla’s Delicacies’ Bjewia Pistachio pastry, handmade with love and the very best of the flavors of Tunisia.

5 Exquisite Ingredients for the Perfect Tunisian Vegan Pastry: Bjewia Pistachio by Layla’s Delicacies

Bjewia, sometimes referred to as Bjewiya, is a nutty and sweet plant-based vegan pastry that has its roots in the history of Tunisian culture.

Hailing from the Mediterranean port of Sfax, Bjewia is a gluten free delicate mixture of almonds and pistachio, finished with the sweet, earthy flavors of dried rose petals

A favorite at weddings and other celebrations, Bjewia is the perfect addition to your iftar for Ramadan evenings.

At Layla’s Delicacies, we use the very best of authentic Tunisian ingredients for our pastry recipes, influenced by the region’s vibrant multi-cultural identity.

With stuffing techniques inherited from the Moors of Spain and a touch of artistic refinement owed to the influence of the French and the Italians, every bite of our signature vegan Bjweia Pistachio is a medley of uniquely Tunisian flavors.

One of our many authentically made Tunisian vegan recipes, our Bjewia Pistachio recipe contains no butter, flour, or dough, requires no baking, and utilizes only the finest Tunisian ingredients.

These include:


Delicately sweetened, our Bjewia is made using a saccharine, zesty syrup made with sugar. We always keep our treats balanced by including more than 70% nuts, highlighting the natural flavors of our ingredients with a subtle sweetness that is not overpowering.


Zesty, fresh, and uplifting, citrus is the second ingredient used to make our signature syrup for our Bjewia pastry. Our recipe is inspired by one of Tunisia’s most famous exports, oranges, which were introduced to the region by travelers from China.


With a heritage that draws from the Middle East, pistachios are one of the most widely-used stuffings for Mediterranean treats across the world.

Loaded with detoxifying antioxidants and nutrients, pistachio nuts are a healthy snack known for lowering cholesterol and blood sugar levels in the body.

Salty, savory, and lending our pastries a satisfying bite, our recipe uses only the finest pistachios to perfectly balance the sweetness and nuttiness of our treats.


Influenced by the Berbers of North Africa, our brand of Tunisian fare puts a spin on the traditional by making use of the finest ground almonds.

A good source of healthy fats, Vitamin E, and magnesium, almonds help promote energy levels and serve as antioxidants for the body. They also lend our recipe its distinctive and delicious nutty flavor.


To paraphrase the words of Shakespeare, “A rose by any other name would smell just as sweet.”

That is why Middle Eastern sweets make use of this delicate flower for its subtle, floral aroma.

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Inspired by the rose essence distilleries of Zaghouan in Northern Tunisia, our recipe makes use of the finest bouquets, from rose water to rose petals, to highlight the delicate flavors, and bring out the inherent sweetness of the nuts.

The Alchemy of Flavors: How to Prepare Bjewia Pistachio

In the spirit of giving for the holy month of Ramadan, Layla’s Delicacies offers a step-by-step guide to preparing your very own delicious homemade Bjewia Pistachio pastry.

Whether served at your dinner table or delivered to the doorsteps of your nearest and dearest, our easy vegan Bjewia Pistachio pastry recipe is easy to make, requires no baking, and is guaranteed to leave a lasting impression.

This dairy-free vegan recipe includes no butter, flour, or dough, and can be prepared in just six easy steps!


This recipe requires:

  • 150 g Sugar
  • 400 g Pistachio
  • 100 g Blanched almonds
  • 100 g Dried rose petals
  • 50 g Sugar lace

Step One:

To make vegan Bjewia Pistachio pastry, we must first make the syrup using equal parts water and sugar. Place the ingredients in a pot upon your stove, and add in the citrus zest.

Step Two:

Bring everything to a simmer. As the water simmers, the granules will dissolve and the oils and flavor of the zest will seep out, leaving you with a simple, delicately balanced citrus-flavored syrup.

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Step Three:

With a deft hand, grind the pistachios and blanched almonds so that they are not too fine.

Step Four:

Next, using a gloved hand, mix the ground pistachio, almonds, and zesty sugar syrup on a tray and gently flatten the surface of the resulting mix to a thickness of about 1.5 inches.

Let the flattened mix rest in a cool place until it has solidified into a hard layer.

Step Five:

Layer the sugar lace evenly upon the solidified nutty base, and top it off with a layer of dried rose petals.

Step Six:

Cut into small squares, and enjoy your homemade Bjewia Pistachio with your friends and family!

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