12 Delicious Diwali Gifts for Friends

When the Indian summer ends and the monsoon rains give way to cooler evenings, thoughts shift to the festive season—and Diwali is a significant one.

Diwali, also known as the Festival of Lights (or Deepavali in South India), is a time for sharing traditional stories and religious rituals.

It’s the most important occasion on the Hindu calendar, and everyone is welcome to participate in the celebrations.

With Diwali just around the corner, you've undoubtedly stocked up on all the food essentials you'll need to prepare a delicious feast.

You may have even purchased the ideal Diwali outfit to wear on the big day. But have you decided what gifts to give your buddies?

There's no doubt that Diwali is the gift-giving season, where people show love through food, sweets, and other presents.

Allow us to help you. We have a list of 12 delicious Diwali gifts you can give to your friends this season.

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1. Kaak Warka

Four pieces of white Kaak Warka treats

Kaak Warka is a staple on the Tunisian pastry menu, traditionally served at weddings and large events.

These small donut-shaped delicacies are filled with almond paste and flavored with our signature rose water for a unique flavor.

Don’t take our word for it—our verified customers can’t get enough of them:

“I ordered 2 boxes and it was so delicious! Definitely I'm going to order again.”

—Claudia Rivas

Kaak Warka is the ideal gift to give to your friends at this year’s Diwali festival.

2. Samsa Pistachio

Three pieces of Samsa Pistachio coated in thin brik filo sheets

Samsa is one of the most popular pastries in North Africa. 

The crispy outer layer is made of thin brik filo sheets, and the juicy inside contains a blend of crunchy almonds and hazelnuts. To elevate the flavor and texture experience, pistachio is sprinkled on top. 

“The Samsa Pistachio reminds me of a Tunisian version of a butterfinger - sans chocolate!!! Very YUMMY!!!”

—Lisabella Alkhouli

Samsa is usually served at gatherings of family and friends, and what better way to gift your pals this Diwali than with a cup of mint tea and a piece of Samsa.

3. Baklava Pistachio

Four pieces of Baklava Pistachio coated with ground almonds

Baklava, the poster child of Mediterranean treats, needs no introduction. It originated in Turkey, and the Ottomans brought it to Tunisia.

Our Baklava is a little different, though. It's coated with ground almonds and packed with the finest pistachios. For a unique bite, the top and bottom layers are made of crispy filo. 

“I have travelled in the middle east, and these amazing delicacies brought back so many great taste-treat memories of what real Baklava should taste like. Absolutely perfect creations and elegant presentation boxes. Thank you! I'll be ordering again.”

—David M Hazard

The sweetness and nuttiness are precisely balanced to give you the perfect pastry to share with your friends this Diwali holiday.

4. Almond Fingers

Four pieces of rolled Almond Fingers

Almond fingers are a Moroccan tradition that spread to Tunisia. It consists of a “morning pastry” made with a mixture of almonds and hazelnuts rolled in crispy brik filo sheets.

“I got the goodies, almond fingers, so delicious. I'm a big fan of almonds anywhere and they didn’t disappoint 😂 delicious.”

—Ghania Habbi

Its nutty and sweet flavors go well with coffee and are ideal for the cold mornings of the five-day festival.

5. Discovery Box

Some pieces of Kaak Warka, Samsa Pistachio, and Almond Fingers

Are you a bit undecided about which of our original treats to order for your buddies?

We've created this variety box so you can explore our Kaak Warka, Samsa Pistachio, Baklava Pistachio, and Almond Fingers and tell us which treat your friends enjoy the most. 

“I was so happy when these came. All of these I ordered were so super and delicious!! Thank you ❤ will be placing more orders again. Going so fast. We need more!!! Fresh and delicious.”

—Mianne Hoover

We’re confident that your friends, like Mianne, will have a hard time picking a favorite.

6. Diwali Gift Box

Diwali Gift Box and tasty Mediterranean treats

The Diwali Gift Box is packed with tasty Mediterranean treats and is the perfect way to show your friends how much you care. 

“Beautiful presentation and delicious! Makes a thoughtful little gift - not overly sweet like candy but a visually and tasteful treat!”

—Pat A.

Testimonial from Aziza del Rosario

It’s a one-of-a-kind package featuring an array of splendid pieces of art, prepared with an artisan's passion, and just the right blend of nutty flavors—not overly sweet, but just enough for enjoyment.

7. Quarterly Limited Edition

Various pieces of delicious treats arranged in a gift box

Do you want to take your friends on a happy journey to Tunisia and the Mediterranean to celebrate this year’s Festival of Lights?

Order these special treats for them on Diwali and get the reaction that Alexandria received from his dad:

“One of my fondest memories of my Dad is going with him downtown to the pastry shop for a slice of baklava. Dad is seldom sitting without a dish of his favorite nuts within reach, so what could possibly make a more perfect Father’s Day gift than a couple of boxes of Layla’s Delicacies? I knew I hit a grand slam home run when Dad, who seldom talks on the phone, called to say thank you and rave about how wonderful they are 🤗🥰. Thank you, Layla's Delicacies!”

—Alexandria Mordovanakis

8. Appreciation Gift Boxes

Appreciation Gift Box with Tunisian sweets from Layla’s Delicacies

Do you want to appreciate your friends during this festival?

This gift box is ideal. It has a selection of Tunisian sweets with a modern twist.

Most Diwali treats are traditional Indian fried sweets with nuts and contain milk products like skim milk, ghee, and butter. They're also known to have honey and rose flavors like rose syrup and water.

Our confections contain nuts and rose flavors, just like the traditional Indian sweets, so your friends can celebrate Diwali in a different, yet familiar, way. 

“Beautiful one of a kind gift. I sent it to my parents on their 51st anniversary. They loved the taste and the presentation. My dad loves pistachios, walnuts and almonds and he loved them. And that is all I wanted. Perfect gift for the special people in your life!”

—Farzeen Sheikh

We always use more nuts (70%) in our confections to make them balanced and not overly sweet. This way, you can enjoy more of the natural tastes while getting a healthy dose of fiber and protein.

Appreciation Gift Boxes are available in four different styles:

  • Nine piece
  • Fourteen piece
  • Twenty-three piece
  • Forty-six piece

9. Escape Boxes

Escape Boxes with delicious Tunisian sweets

The Escape Boxes contain Tunisian sweets, which are incredibly delicious and have stunning designs.

With their petal shape, the confections will appeal to everyone’s eyes this Diwali.

The treats are made from almond and pistachio, allowing your friends to enjoy a hearty, nutritious, sweet delicacy.

“I bought this as a gift for my friend and she absolutely loved it. So fresh and each piece was beautifully crafted. Love the package with a detailed booklet. Absolutely recommend it.”

—Shireen Shaikh

They come in four different varieties:

  • Four piece
  • Six piece
  • Ten piece
  • Twenty piece Escape tower

10. Vegan Box

Nutritious vegan confections from Layla’s Delicacies

Do you have a vegan friend and aren't sure what to order for them during the Diwali festival?

Well, we haven't forgotten them. We have a lovely gift basket to express your gratitude to your vegan friends. It includes twenty-two delicious and nutritious vegan confections.

“Purchased for husband's bday. He enjoys delicacies & was flattened by the presentation & relished at the first bite. Glad was able to make his day more better. As a vegan I was so thrilled to enjoy these gourmet treats. Definitely a big thumbs up from our end & will be placing more orders in future .”


Like Trish, your vegan friends can enjoy almond, hazelnut, and pistachio treats during this Diwali festival.

11. Happy Birthday Gift Boxes

Happy Birthday gift box from Layla’s Delicacies

In the Diwali season, birthdays can present a range of gift dilemmas.

What do you buy for a friend on a birthday-Diwali combo?

Have you considered any of these Happy Birthday gift boxes?

Here’s a dose of inspiration from Sally Mano:

“Beautifully made, clearly made with love. It felt too artistic to be eaten! But I did it anyways and it’s like drops of heaven. WOULD RECOMMEND IT FOR ANYONE!”

—Sally Mano

Our sweets are delicious and nutritious. They contain 70% nuts and 30% sugar because we care for you and the health of your loved ones.

What better way to celebrate your friend's birthday and Diwali at the same time than to care about their health?

The Happy Birthday gift boxes come in four types:

  • Nine piece
  • Fourteen piece
  • Twenty-three piece
  • Forty-six piece

12. Thank You Gift Boxes

Thank You gift box with various sweets
Happy Birthday Girt Box 9pc

When your friends go above and beyond to help you, they deserve more than just a thank you note. They need a personalized and thoughtful gift.

Whether you're thanking them for hosting you or simply reminding them of how much you value their presence in your life, these treats are sure to impress.

When you can't find the words, consider these Thank You gift boxes from Layla's Delicacies and allow those you appreciate to relive ZF’s experience:

“I had these for the first time when gifted it for Eid, and I was blown away by their quality. I do not often like to have sweets that stray from the typical chocolate chip cookie or ice cream, and have been known especially to avoid some nutty pastry-like sweets since I find them to be extremely sweet.

However, from the moment I opened the box, I knew there was something different about these. The packaging, design, and intricate unique details on each of these pieces is so amazing and looks like something you would find in an extremely high-end dessert shop.

This is a steal for the amount and quality that you get, and they're not overpoweringly sweet at all, just perfect! I have already reordered multiple times for friends and family as well, and will continue to do so.”


The Thank You gift boxes come in four sizes:

  • Nine piece
  • Fourteen piece
  • Twenty-three piece
  • Forty-six piece

Surprise Your Friends This Diwali With Treats From Layla’s Delicacies

Diwali, the Festival of Lights, sweets, and gifting, is fast approaching.

These delicious Diwali gifts will undoubtedly help you surprise your pals; even the ones who have everything.

We’re ready to help you surprise your friends with tasty gift options. Call us today, send an email, or fill the contact form on our website. We’ll be happy to chat with you.

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