6 Best Baby Shower Gifts for Vegan Mummies

Venturing into the baby gear world can be overwhelming for a new parent.

A baby shower gift should, therefore, make navigating that journey easier.

For the vegan mom-to-be, the gift must be ethical and eco-friendly with no animal products used in its production, whatsoever.

Fortunately, we at Layla’s Delicacies have done all the heavy lifting to ensure that you have the best gifts for the expectant mother.

Layla’s Delicacies is an online shop dedicated to making delectable vegan-friendly treats that are also healthy and visually appealing.

We’ve thus compiled the best ideas for affordable yet functional vegan gifts for you to take to a baby shower.

Gift #1: An Unbelievably Efficient Wrap Carrier

mother wearing baby in a wrap carrier

After the baby is born, the mom may need to do some tasks by hand while still taking care of the baby; that’s where the wrap carrier comes in.

The wrap carrier is a long piece of fabric knotted to create a pouch on the chest and distribute the baby’s weight across the back and shoulders.

For your vegan friend, ensure that the wrap was made with environmentally friendly processes.

The following table shows some of the eco-friendly options that are available in the USA.

Baby Wrap Fabric Special Feature
Happy Baby Stretchy Baby 100% bamboo Allows for nursing and can carry a baby of up to 25 lbs.
Baby K'tan Carrier 100% GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified cotton It's a wrap style carrier with straps already wrapped over each shoulder to hold baby’s weight
Boba Classic Wrap 100% heavy cotton Warm and sturdy and designed for newborns from 7 lbs.

Gift #2: Mouthwatering Baklava El Bey

Baklava El Bey from Layla’s Delicacies
Baklava El Bey

The authentic taste of Baklava El Bey from Layla’s Delicacies is one that a pregnant mom will definitely love.

Baklava is a Tunisian desert made using crushed pistachios enclosed in almond paste.

The dessert is world-renowned for its sweet taste that comes from its nutty mix filling.

At Layla’s Delicacies, we’ve also veganized the treat with healthy substitutes for the butter and honey that are traditionally used in baklava.

Take this as a gift to a baby shower and we guarantee that it'll be well received.

The desserts are freshly made upon order and packaged beautifully perfect to present as a gift.

THE. BEST !!! Absolutely perfect creations and elegant presentation boxes. Thank you! I'll be ordering again.”

— David M Hazard (Purcellville, USA)

Order the desserts a day or two in advance so we can make it for the baby shower on time.

Gift #3: Organic Bamboo Wrappers

organic bamboo baby wrappers

As any mom will tell you, Infant care requires a good number of essential baby wrappers. 

The pieces come in handy after the baby is born and are one of the most thoughtful gifts you can give.

The wrappers can be used for different needs, such as:

  • Burp cloths
  • Nursing covers
  • Swaddlers
  • Car seat or stroller covers
  • Changing mat or general blanket

For a vegan mummy who is eco-conscious, bamboo baby wrappers are perfect.

as bamboo grows without the addition of harmful chemicals and improves the soil it grows on.

Bamboo also is considered a climate warrior for its high absorption of carbon dioxide and is 100% biodegradable.

Bamboo baby clothes are soft, breathable, hypoallergenic., and durable enough to serve for a long time.

Expert Tip: Baby essentials are quite large in number. Picking something that the baby will need helps in gathering the necessities for the first year of the baby’s life.

Gift #4: Hand Woven Moses Basket

handwoven Moses basket for newborns

A handwoven Moses basket is usually made from palm, maize, or reeds, and is designed to offer the baby comfort, especially during daytime naps.

When choosing a Moses basket, make sure the base and handles are sturdy for portability so the mother can safely carry her baby in it wherever she goes.

Once the baby outgrows it, the beddings can be removed and the basket can be used as storage for toys.

Gift #5: Complimentary Baby Nursery Decor Set

nursery shelf with stuffed animals and other decor

A nursery decor set is a keepsake gift that will stay with the baby for many years. It not only adds something special into the baby’s room but will always remind the mom of that special baby shower.

The following is a list of practical ideas for baby nursery decor.

  • A moon, cloud, and star baby pillow set
  • Fun-shaped (e.g wings, biscuit, sunflower) baby-friendly rugs 
  • Stuffed animals on a floating shelf
  • Mobile with stars or safari animals
  • Bear or bunny-shaped LED night light

When picking the gift, always ensure it’s eco-friendly and appropriate for a baby’s room.

Nursery accessories are a sure way to impress and make your gift memorable.

Gift #6: A Box of the Vegan Limited Edition

Vegan Limited Edition

The Vegan Limited Edition is a gift box from Layla’s Delicacies. It contains 30 pieces of delectable Tunisian handmade treats.

The treats are 100% vegan and sweet but not too sugary; perfect for a mom-to-be who has sweet cravings but still wants to keep the calories down.

These tasty desserts are varied and made from a mixture of nuts, rose water, and olive oil.

The Vegan Limited Edition comes ready-packaged beautifully for carrying as a gift.

See what a happy customer had to say about this gift box.

Accompany Your Gift With Vegan Sweets

If you pick a gift for the baby,also pick something tasty for the vegan mummy to enjoy.

At Layla’s Delicacies, we have something for everyone

The treats are always fresh, visually appealing, and the packaging is fabulous. 

You can contact us, or place your order online.


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