Mediterranean sweets: Feast Time!

Mediterranean sweetsare a pure moment of joy. They have this flavor originated from the Mediterranean that wakes the gourmet in us. If you love baklava, Samsaor Kaak, don’t waste a minute to discover the Mediterranean sweets on our online store. A greedy place, bathed in the Mediterranean sun.

What makes Mediterranean sweets so joyful?

They are Excellent sweets prepared with love and affection. Coming straight of a well-preserved mother to daughter heritage. What really makes Mediterranean sweets so irresistible, are the ingredients it contains top quality almonds, pistachio, honey, floral water… will never fail to impress!

Try the pistachio baklavaand reach the peak of pleasure with the crusty Samsa! These days, you can order them online via Layla’s Delicacies and you will not hesitate a second to fall for it and please yourself

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Offering sweets, what a magnificent idea!

If you need to offer an original present, and please your recipient, choose our Tunisian boxed sweets. whoever the person you offer it to, we have many sizes to choose from. What a sweet idea, your gift will surely make them melt