Arabic sweets: The one and thousand-nights fairy tale

Arabic sweets are an absolute delicacy. Made of the best quality nuts and scented waters. Once in the mouth, you will wish time stops for the pleasure to last. They fascinate us by their softness, but mostly their alluring smells, taking us on a magic carpet to the beautiful sunny side of the Mediterranean. Like in a one and a thousand nights story, the magic captivates us into more glutton, leaving not even the slightest ounce of regret.

What is the wonderful secret behind the Arabic sweets?

A lot of love and care are induced into the recipes that are transmitted from mothers to daughters! Arabic sweets are very different from foreign pastries; they kept that yesteryear charm that makes them irresistible. They grew with us, and that’s the reason we end up craving for them, by waking the sleeping infant in us! Arabic sweets arise from the depth of the history ocean, and like inside a current recipe are transported and shared to satisfy everyone. Secret and well-preserved recipes between generations! Tasting or succumbing for a treat, is like diving in the search of exquisite flavors!

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