Mediterranean pastries: a portal to joy!

Happiness equals Mediterranean pastries! A simple equation that works like this: You take a bite of our sweets, let it melt and feel the effervescence all along your tongue, and thus you will know the true definition of joy. Mediterranean pastries reach you from far away from bringing the necessary ingredients to warm your heart! Thanks to Layla’s Delicacies, you have the ability to buy the finest Tunisian treats online and have them delivered to you fresh in no time.

Mediterranean pastries: Head straight to the gourmet land

Mediterranean pastries are usually made of a crunchy mix of the finest nuts, soaked in honey and perfumed with orange water. You will discover recipes that have been faithfully transmitted from mother to daughter, keeping their authenticity. Mediterranean pastries are often served during feasts but nowadays you can access them anywhere, anytime, wherever you take them as a dessert or to calm a little hunger or even along with a hot cup of tea. Whether you are a fan of Mediterranean delicacies and rituals or you are curious to discoverthem, it’s time to meet the pastries of the country of the sweet sun.

For your online purchases

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Mediterranean pastries as a gift

Layla’s Delicacies has a wide collection of Mediterranean gift boxes. No matter who you are, that succulent idea will please the gourmet in you! It is unique and its sweet and sunny touch will surely please you!