Baklava, a heavenly treat!

Have you ever heard of baklava? Such an exquisite cake, full of delicacy that melts at each crack. You are drooling now and it is alright! Baklava is an Arabic pastry known for decades. It has been served during feasts for the delight of the gourmet sultans. Anyone loves tasting baklava filled with pistachio or almonds! The texture is for you to pick

The Baklava, a sweet from another dimension!

Why so much fame for that pastry? You need to know that no matter the calories it contains, the temptation is the first thing that leads you to it. Soaked in honey and then straight to the furnace, a crispy laminated filled with crunched nuts, melts in your mouth to bring you joy.

We appreciate the baklava for its authenticity. According to urban legends, at each wedding, the bride family offer handmade Baklavafor guests. The tradition still goes on, nowadays all Tunisian houses, present this heavenly pastry at each festivity. For gourmets, there is no specific occasion to savor baklava! At tea time or as a dessert, baklava revives your moral!

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