Top 7 Baby Shower Favors Under $50

How do you make your baby shower guests feel special?

With a combination of fun activities, good food, and unexpected baby shower favors. 

Some of the best baby shower favors are the ones you can quickly put together yourself: potted succulents, wrapped candy, or cookies in adorable boxes.

There are plenty of budget-friendly baby shower favors, such as:

  • Coffee mugs
  • T-shirts
  • Assorted pastries
  • Scented candles

For under $50, you can appreciate your guests and commemorate your baby’s arrival in style.

Expert Tip: If your favors are meant to be practical, like cups or utensils, customize them with a simple message like “Thank you for showing up.”

1 - A Treat With a Distinct Flavor: Kaak Warka

Kaak Warka on display

Kaak Warka is a donut-shaped treat from Tunisia that is filled with almond paste and infused with rose water. Your guests will love its unique flavor and its subtly sweet taste pairs perfectly with mint tea.

Made with love and passion, these flavorful sweets are the perfect way to express your gratitude to your party guests.

Kaak Warka from Layla’s Delicacies comes in both an 8-piece and an 18-piece box: each under $50.

Once you buy these pastries, store them in a dry place and serve them within one week.

Remember to take them out of the fridge one hour before serving.

“Elegant, subtle hint of rose and just enough sweetness to unite and elevate the flavors. Perfect with coffee or tea.”

— Caroleena, United States

2 - Potted Plants and Other Gifts of Nature

potted flowers baby shower favor

With the help of a vendor that sells plants and flowers, you can style potted plants to your guests’ liking.

If you have the time, you can buy all the supplies and assemble the plants yourself. You’ll need planters, soil, and seeds or seedlings.

Painted tins, cans, and plastic pots are all affordable planters.

Succulents are a good choice because they are easy to maintain.

Add labels to the plants so your guests know which favor is for them, along with a thank you note, and a short list on how to take care of the plant.

You can put a twist to this gift in the following ways:

  • Mini plants: They’re more affordable (and adorable). Mini potted plants are also easier to transport.
  • Unique planters: Style your pots and vases to match the theme of your baby shower. Paint them with unique colors, or tie a personalized ribbon around the planter to make the gift more special.
  • Seeds: Give your guests a bag of flower seeds they can plant after the baby is born. You can also give them edible seeds and nuts (candy-coated sunflower seeds).
  • Flower accessories: Craft necklaces, headpieces, and arm cuffs from actual flowers and give them to your guests to wear during the baby shower.
  • Air plants: These are even more self-sufficient than succulents.
  • Faux plants: These need no maintenance at all, except for the occasional wipe to keep the dust away. Faux florals are especially beautiful, and any guests who cannot commit to a live plant will appreciate them.

3 - Personalized Coffee Cups and Wine Glasses

 it’s a girl mason jar

Mugs are multi-purpose.

If they’re not filled with coffee or tea, they’re measuring ingredients in the kitchen or serving as pen-holders in the office.

Mugs are available in different colors, shapes, sizes, and designs, so you can give your guests something special without too much customization on your part.

To personalize the mugs, you can:

  • Print the expected delivery date of the baby on the mug.
  • Print the name of each guest on their mug.
  • Use a creative design like a baby’s footprint.
  • Print some inspiring words or a poem on the mug.
  • Write a simple message like “babies are sweet and so are you”.

If you still have some money left to spare, fill the cups with trinkets like chocolates, tea bags, or coffee beans. Your guests can enjoy a hot cup of their favorite drink when they get home from your baby shower.

You can also thank them with similar favors, such as:

  • Mason jars and mason jar drink glasses
  • Wine glasses
  • Customized shot glasses
  • Customized water bottles

4 - Customized Playing Cards

baby shower favor playing cards

Playing cards have a universal appeal, and customizing them makes this favor even more special.

 With animal-themed, food-themed, film-themed, and space-themed card decks, your options are endless when shopping for unique playing cards.

The unexpected nature of this gift will make your guests hold on to it for longer.

To personalize this favor:

  • Customize the cards with a date, a photo of the mum, or something else related to the baby shower.
  • Print a custom message on the box that holds the cards.
  • Include accessories such as card clips.

5 - Customized Lapel Pins

 stork lapel pin

Lapel pins are a popular form of style and expression.

They are easily customizable and make for unique favors that stand out from the crowd. 

Custom lapel pins make trendy accessories that your guests can wear on their clothes or attach to their bags.

To personalize for each guest:

  • Design the pins with custom artwork.
  • Add a fun message such as “party mode activated.”
  • Play with different shapes like flowers, a baby’s face, fruits, or animals.
  • Make them from different materials such as rubber, plastic, leather, metal, or fabric.

When buying customized lapel pins for your guests, ensure you get designs that they can wear long after the baby shower is over.

6 - Stress Balls

 stress ball and handgrip exerciser

Stress balls can enhance emotional stability and build positive energy.

Also, according to the American Institute of Stress, stress balls also help to improve blood circulation in the hand and strengthen the muscles of the forearm.

Your guests can carry this favor with them to work, play with it around their home, or use the ball to play catch with their kids.

To make this favor even more special:

  • Customize the stress balls with a message or an image related to the baby shower.
  • Buy custom-shaped stress balls.
  • Attach the ball to a keychain.

Your guests will appreciate the gesture of this simple favor they didn’t know they needed.

elegant Layla’s Delicacies gift

7 - Layla’s Delicacies Appreciation Gift Box

Layla’s Delicacies 14-piece appreciation gift box

Our pastries have a distinct, hard-to-forget taste.

The appreciation gift box contains 14 pieces of Tunisian sweets that pack a variety of unique culinary experiences.

Here’s a table of what’s included inside the 14-piece Appreciation Gift Box:

Flavor Description Amount
Bjewia Almond and pistachio topped with dried roses 2 pieces
Buche Hazelnut Crunchy hazelnut with white chocolate and berry 3 pieces
Buche Pistachio Crunchy pistachio with white chocolate and lemon 3 pieces
Boule Pistachio Crunched hazelnut rolled in pistachio 2 pieces
Charlotte Sesame Crunchy sesame shell with silky chocolate 2 pieces
Rocher Crunched almond rolled in hazelnut

2 pieces


The use of pistachio is influenced by the Middle East, the stuffing techniques are from the Moors of Spain, and the use of almonds comes from the Berbers of North Africa.

These treats have been refined with techniques from the French and Italians who lived among the Tunisians in the last century.

Each treat is individually wrapped, making it easy for your guests to carry home.

We also have a 9-piece Appreciation Gift Box for under $50.

Here’s a table of what’s in the 9-piece box:

Flavor Description Amount
Yasmina Soft mixture of almond and pistachio 2 pieces
Crown Walnut Crunchy walnut with white chocolate and almond 2 pieces
Pineapple Chopped almond and hazelnut topped with pistachio 2 pieces
Baklava El Bey Crunched pistachio enclosed in almond paste 1 piece
Almond Boat Sliced almonds and caramel chocolate 2 pieces


Eating the mouth-watering favors from Layla’s Delicacies is a journey through culture and history.

“I’ve enjoyed sending Layla’s as gifts to friends. They’ve been happy with the unique taste and beauty of the candies.”

— Stephani Murdoch, United States


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