4 Edible Baby Shower Party Favors That’ll Delight Your Guests

If you pick the wrong baby shower party favors, it will look like you haven’t put much attention to detail into them, which speaks volumes for your guests.

A good and well-thought-out edible party favor will be:

  • Delicious
  • Customized
  • Packaged nicely

While it might be tempting to go to your local grocery store and just pick , by choosing a personalized party favor online you’re guaranteed to hit all of these marks and show your guests how much you care about them.

It’s imperative you pay special attention to how you present your favors too, as presentation is everything. A beautifully wrapped gift (such as the ones from Layla’s Delicacies) ensures that your guests savor every moment of unwrapping it.

The best gifts can also be homemade (if you have the time!), and is the ultimate way to show your care and attention to detail toward your guests.

1 - Indulge the Senses With Almond Fingers

4 pieces of almond fingers on a stainless steel tray and a cup of coffee
Almond Fingers

Almond fingers from Layla's Delicacies are an awesome and delicious appreciation gift for those you really care about.

They’re a healthy breakfast option, especially if you want to treat your guests to some sweet and irresistible pastries for breakfast. Also, if your guests are coffee lovers, these treats go perfectly with a hot cup of coffee.

“Fresh unique flavor and perfect texture, great with coffee.”

— Yosr, (Richmond, US)

These delectable almondy treats are also a great substitute for cakes, cookies, and donuts.

All the wonderful memories and vivid flashbacks from your baby shower will flare up as your guests savor the last few bites of the almond fingers.

Layla’s Delicacies almond fingers can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 4 weeks.

So, order them ahead of time so you get the following benefits:

  • Avoid that last minute rush
  • Have more time to think of thoughtful ways to customize the almond fingers, if necessary

2 - Delight Your Guests With Flavorful Gourmet Popcorn

marshmallow caramel popcorn

Everyone enjoys popcorn!

These days, there are many creative ways to make popcorn. Rather than your usual movie theater popcorn, you can add a unique and memorable touch to your popcorn favors by considering gourmet tastes, such as:

  • Garlic parmesan
  • Caramel marshmallow
  • Jalapeno cheddar
  • Classic butter
  • Pink and blue popcorn

Besides providing options for a variety of recipes, popcorn is a naturally healthy snack and a great alternative to cakes, cookies, and candy; they're also high in fiber and protein while being low in calories.

Expert Tip: You can also prepare a cute jar of popcorn kernels for your guests to cook or enjoy later. You can also make your event pop by adding photos and personal messages to your popcorn gifts.

3 - Give Your Baby Shower Event the Wow Factor With Chocolate Covered Pretzels

chocolate covered pretzels

These decadently delicious chocolate covered pretzels are a thoughtful gift for your baby shower guests. They’re made with pretzel twists, melted chocolate, and flaky sea salt.

You can coat your pretzel twists or sticks with rich, dark chocolate, or coat them with:

  • Creamy milk chocolate and drizzle them with white chocolate
  • Chocolate chips

It’s important to line the baking sheet with wax paper or parchment paper to prevent your pretzels from getting sticky as they dry or cool. Additionally, placing your pretzels on a cookie sheet allows you to move them all to the refrigerator at once.

If stored in an airtight container at room temperature, chocolate-covered pretzels can last for up to 3 weeks. However, if you live in a hot or humid area, store them in a cool, dry place to prevent the chocolate from melting.

If your pretzel bags aren't sealed tight, your pretzels will quickly get stale. Therefore, ensure you use a plastic bag and a container so that they stay fresh.

Wrapping these chocolate covered pretzels with a colorful bow or packaging them in a tin, creative box, jar, or basket is the perfect way to show your guests how much you care.

Expert Tip: These chocolate-covered pretzels are off the charts in flavor, and your guests will undoubtedly enjoy tasting each.

4 - When in Doubt, Go For Chocolate Covered Oreos

chocolate covered Oreos

Oreos are one of the world's most popular cookies, and everyone will love chocolate-covered Oreos.

These delicious cookies are smothered in yummy chocolate and then hardened into the perfect combination of sweet and crunchy.

These treats are scrumptious in milk chocolate, dark chocolate, white chocolate, or any chocolate that you enjoy.

You can personalize your chocolate-covered Oreos with these great ideas:

  • Print your baby’s due date on them and send them to guests as a fabulous “save the date” token.
  • Put a label that bears the baby’s name on it.
  • Mix and match different patterns and designs to create a show-stopping gift collection.
  • Customize with pink or blue to match the theme or color scheme of your baby shower.

pink, blue, and yellow custom chocolate covered Oreos

All it takes is an idea and your imagination to come up with something unique.

To show extra care for your guests, wrap your chocolate-covered Oreos individually in cellophane or place them in a presentation box—remember that presentation matters.

Alternatively, you can order your chocolate covered Oreos online for maximum convenience.

Express Your Gratitude With Meaningful Assorted Thank You Gift Boxes

Layla's Delicacies also offers a variety of thank you gift boxes containing an assortment of Tunisian treats with a modern twist.

The table below shows what is contained in each thank you gift box:

Elegant Gift Box What’s in the Box Net Weight
Thank You Gift Box, 9 piece
Thank You Gift Box, 9 piece
  • 2 pieces of yasmina
  • 2 pieces of crown walnut
  • 1 piece of almond boat
  • 2 pieces of pineapple
  • 2 pieces of baklava el bey
141g / 5 oz
Thank You Gift Box, 14 piece
Thank You Gift Box, 14 piece
  • 2 pieces of bjewia
  • 2 pieces of buche hazelnut
  • 3 pieces of buche pistachio
  • 2 pieces of boule pistachio
  • 2 pieces of charlotte sesame
  • 2 pieces of rocher
194 g / 7 oz
Thank You Gift Box, 23 piece
Thank You Gift Box, 23 piece
  • 2 pieces of bjewia
  • 3 pieces of buche hazelnut
  • 3 pieces of buche pistachio
  • 2 pieces of boule pistachio
  • 2 pieces of charlotte sesame
  • 2 pieces of rocher
  • 2 pieces of yasmina
  • 2 pieces of crown walnut
  • 1 piece of baklava el bey
  • 2 pieces of pineapple
  • 2 pieces of almond boat
335 g / 12 oz
Thank You Gift Box, 46 piece
Thank You Gift Box, 46 piece
  • 6 pieces of bjewia
  • 6 pieces of buche hazelnut
  • 6 pieces of buche pistachio
  • 4 pieces of boule pistachio
  • 4 pieces of charlotte sesame
  • 4 pieces of rocher
  • 4 pieces of yasmina
  • 4 pieces of crown walnut
  • 2 pieces of baklava el bey
  • 4 pieces of pineapple
  • 4 pieces of almond boat
670 g / 24 oz

These gift boxes feature thoughtful and unique treats designed to be the best baby shower favors.

Our thank you gift boxes are also perfect for other special occasions:

  • Wedding parties
  • Birthdays
  • Housewarmings
  • Graduation parties
  • Eid al-Fitr
  • Valentines
  • Christmas

For more information on how we can help delight your baby shower guests, contact us today.

“......The packaging, design, and intricate unique details on each of these pieces is so amazing….……..”

ZF, (Fort Lauderdale, US)

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