Delightful Appreciation Gifts For Your Diwali Guests

Diwali is undeniably one of the most beautiful holidays celebrated around the world with lots of light, love, devotion, and sweets. 

Sweets are as much a part of Diwali as are the lights, new clothes, and temple devotion observed during the festival.

We want your celebration of Diwali to be as lovely as can be, so we have some wonderful confections for you to enjoy with loved ones. After all, Diwali is a time for sharing with loved ones, friends, neighbors, and the less fortunate. 

At Layla’s Delicacies, we have special candy for you that combines decades of experience and authenticity to create just the right confection for your Diwali celebrations. They’re a perfect way if you want to show gratitude. And not only on Diwali but all year round.

What Makes Layla's Delicacies Special?

During Diwali, it’s customary to give thank you gifts to both loved ones and friends. 

Sweets make wonderful gift ideas for guests and neighbors alike. Including delightful candy such as the ones we make at Layla’s Delicacies.

If you want to say thank you to your spouse, children, or best friend; Layla’s Delicacies is a perfect way. We also know it is customary to thank teachers during Diwali. Our sweets make great gifts for teachers as well. 

This was a gift for our niece and her husband. They were extremely impressed with the pastries. The feedback I got was they loved how nicely it was packaged and each piece was intricately made and tasted great- Shailesh Patel, Hartsdale, United States (Source: Layla’s Delicacies)

Our sweets give you and your guests a chance to experience authentic Mediterranean confections crafted from years of tradition and weaving of rich culture into them.

As you assemble your appreciation gift baskets, consider including thank you gifts from Layla’s Delicacies.

Discovery Box, 4 PC
Discovery Box

Rich History

Our confections have been around for centuries and have a deep, rich history to them — woven by different cultures.

They are influenced by Tunisian, Turkish, and French cultures. The designs used are mostly influenced by the French while the treats themselves are Tunisian in nature; the stuffing techniques used are Spanish and the use of Pistachio is from the middle east. 

We have Baklava Pistachio, Kaak Warka, Almond Fingers, and Samsa Pistachio sweets in our shop. 

Baklava and Kaak Warka are Tunisian while Samsa and Almond’s fingers are Mediterranean. 

However, some people believe they’re Greek while others believe they’re Turkish.

Nevertheless, the sweets are made using a touch of Mediterranean goodness and are designed with beautiful French inspiration.

Isn't it amazing that each piece of candy is filled with a rich history and culture? 

Gifting these sweets allows you to spread their rich heritage to others. What’s more, including a card informing your guests and friends about the rich culture they’re about to experience is another great gift idea.

Healthy Gift Ideas

Our sweets are delicious and wholesome but we also keep your health in mind. Our sweets have 70% nuts and 30% sugar making them nutritious and healthy. 

Don’t take our word for it. Our customers believe that we’ve got it right: 

Just the right amount of sweetness and nuttiness-Bruce Knoll, Albany United States (Source: Layla’s Delicacies)

The rich nut content is also good for health. Nuts are a good source of protein, fiber, antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins. Both almonds and pistachios are known to lower blood pressure and are rich in antioxidants meaning they can help alleviate stress symptoms in your body.

Layla’s Delicacies candies make thoughtful gift ideas that show you care for the health of your recipients. 

As you celebrate Diwali, know that we have your health and that of your loved ones in mind. Gifting healthy gifts is a way to let your loved ones know that you truly care for them. What better way to thank your guests than to care about their health?

Baklava Pistachio
Baklava Pistachio

Handmade Thank You Gift 

Our sweets are all handcrafted by staff with decades of experience. They add a touch of magic to their confections. 

At Layla's Delicacies, we want you and your loved ones to enjoy some of the most precious and unique confectionery experiences on Diwali that will fill you with delicious goodness and warm your heart.

The staff not only makes delicious sweets but also uses their artistry to create appealing treats that have lace, petals, and boat designs.

Appreciation Box, 9 pc.
Appreciation Box, 9 pc.

Each piece looked like a jewel artfully crafted! Consistent in appearance and individually wrapped in just the right bite sized portions. It was almost a shame to eat them but of course I couldn't resist tasting each one! I loved every one of them and will be ordering again!- Doreen Raynak, Roseville, United States (Source: Layla’s Delicacies)

The designs give a personalized impression to the recipient and are a beautiful way to show gratitude. The personalized impression makes for a wonderful appreciation gift.  

Types of Thank You Gifts

We have different types of thank you gifts for you to show appreciation during your celebrations. We have gift boxes such as appreciation boxes, escape boxes, and a vegan box for our vegan friends. All boxes are assembled with great care and love — always keeping you in mind. 

Appreciation Boxes

You can choose from different types of appreciation gift boxes containing different sweets in each box. Each box contains both traditional Tunisian sweets with a touch of modernity added. 

Cute designs are employed in crafting the sweets further adding to their uniqueness. Rose petals and lace designs are amongst our most popular designs. They add a splash of beauty to your already beautiful sweets.

Appreciation boxes come in four different kinds of gift ideas to show your gratitude: 

  • Nine pieces
  • Fourteen pieces
  • Twenty-three pieces
  • Forty-six pieces

The boxes contain an assortment of delicacies ranging from almond fingers to Kaak Warka with a bit of chocolate added to it. 

Most Diwali confections are traditional Indian sweets that contain nuts, are fried, and use lots of milk products such as ghee, butter, and skim milk. They are also known to contain honey and rose flavors such as rose water and rose syrup.   

Like most Indian sweets, our sweets also contain honey, nuts, and rose flavors. Your recipients will not be missing out on traditional Diwali sweets. They will simply be experiencing Diwali in a different but still familiar way. Our sweets make great thank you gift ideas for your Diwali guests. 

This was bought as a Diwali gift instead of the traditional Indian sweets box and was a super hit! My uncle asked me to order two more the next day!- Rajeev Bhaman, New York, United States (Source: Layla’s Delicacies)

The designs of the confections in the boxes are bound to impress your guests. Rose petals and lace designs are employed,  making the sweets pleasing to the eye. There’s also a unique almond boat design filled with caramelized chocolate.

The designs are pieces of art that are specially made for you. 

The confections themselves are sheer goodness. Tantalizing; bound to spread holiday cheer and appealing to look at.

Appreciation Box, 14 pc.
Appreciation Box

Escape Boxes

Escape boxes are also a way to say thank you to someone who has been there for you. The escape boxes have awesome treats in them too and they have appealing box designs that are bound to impress your guests. 

They have almond and pistachio treats in them giving your friends and loved ones a chance to enjoy a hearty delicacy that is both nutritious and sweet.

They come in four different types;

  • Four pieces
  • Six pieces
  • Ten pieces
  • Twenty pieces Escape tower

The escape boxes contain Tunisian treats only but their designs are still appealing and the delicacies are absolutely wonderful. The sweets employ a petal design and are very appealing to the eyes of each beholder. 

They’re also contained in beautiful boxes that make the gifts even more special to the one receiving them.

Escape Box
Escape Box

Vegan Box

We know you have a vegan friend or family member that you also want to thank and they aren't forgotten. We have a beautiful gift basket for you to show your appreciation containing twenty-two pieces that are delicious and wholesome for your vegan loved ones. They’re made with care and their preferences in mind. 

This thank you gift gives vegans a chance to enjoy almond, hazelnut, and pistachio sweets.

Inside the vegan box, you’ll find a soft mix of hazelnut and almond as well as a soft mix of almond and pistachio. You’ll also find almond and Pistachio topped with dried roses and chopped almond and hazelnut — topped with Pistachio. Absolutely delicious. 

The design of the box and the arrangement of the candies are bound to melt the hearts of your recipients.

Layla’s delicacies are so delicious, not too sweet, with the best ingredients, beautifully crafted and presented in a lovely box. These are becoming my perfect gift to offer friends and a wonderful treat for me- Catherine Chaulet, Lexington, United States (Source: Layla’s Delicacies)

Vegan Box, 22 pc.
Vegan Box

Shop Originals

You can also go the traditional route and try some Baklava Pistachio, Kaak Warka, Almond fingers, or some Samsa Pistachio for your gift basket assembly.  Alternatively, you can try an assortment box with all the different sweets in them.

This is also a box that would impress your guests and also give them a chance to try different sweets and experience the rich flavors. 

Interested in an Appreciation Gift? 

Contact us today for wonderful thank you gifts. Our Appreciation, Escape and Vegan boxes make for wonderful gift ideas. Our specialty designs will show your guests and loved ones that you were thinking about them this Diwali.  

We’re ready to meet your gift needs and we have numerous choices for you to show gratitude to your loved ones. Call us, send an email or use the contact form on our website, we’ll be happy to help you.  

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