The Baklava Pistachio, a lovely indulgence!

Baklava Pistachio is a lure that will surely trap you! We adore this famous Tunisian cake, known for the delicacy of its ingredients. A sweet that will make you melt. The baklavais not only pistachio type, but there is also the almond and walnut ones. Yet the pistachio has that exquisite flavor in it. It is clear that baklava is what you need if you want to feel the crunched nuts and the grout of floral water!

Why is Baklava Pistachio so tempting?

Fall into the subtility of its unique savor! You can taste baklava in different countries, oriental and Mediterranean ones, but in Tunisia, baklava is made following a transmitted recipe. Baklavais a real tradition always present at each wedding or baptism! Nowadays, each house serves baklava as a dessert or to eat while drinking a hot cup of tea.

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