🌙Elevate your Ramadan with us!🌙

🌙Elevate your Ramadan with us!🌙

Shop now for tradition and exquisite taste!
Shop now for tradition and exquisite taste!

“Delicate beautifully crafted delicious delights that have perfectly balanced sweetness with wholesome ingredients, will be ordering more!!”

Rosemary C.

“Perfect packaging, complemented by a thoughtful hand-written 'thank you' note. I'm genuinely impressed and consider them a fantastic gift choice!”


"I bought these gift boxes as Ramadan presents for several of my friends and one for myself. Not only are they aesthetically beautiful to look at, but they taste amazing!"

Rana C.
"I ordered this amazing delicacies without really knowing how it will taste. Not only was I pleasantly surprised by the taste of all the sweets but was amazed by the way the package came in very well packaged and looking so classy!"
Sirine M.

“Exceptional presentation, delicious treats! Perfect for any occasion! Consider adding a dedicated message card for a flawless touch.”

Sheetal B.

“Found a gem online for gifts! Professional service, natural treats that were loved by all. 
Perfect with coffee. Beats chocolates!”

Amy C.

“Visually stunning! 
These sweets are a work of art. Elegant packaging and prompt delivery make this a top-notch choice!”

Wendy R.
Handcrafted blend of almond and pistachio in a charming Jasmine flower form. 
Almond Whirl
Rosewater-touched blend of almonds, topped with fine pines and pistachios. 
Symphony of sweetness with layered almonds, pistachios, walnuts, and hazelnuts. 
Almond Flower
Delightful taste in almond paste with fine pine coating, subtly sweetened. 
Syrup-enriched pistachio-almond fusion, adorned with dried rose petals. 
Baklava El Bey
Timeless design of sweetened pistachio and almond fusion, a classic delight. 
Almond & Pistachio Kaak
Sweetened almond-pistachio blend, laced with syrup and fragrant rose water. 
Charlotte Sesame
Harmonious union of sesame, hazelnuts, almonds for a delightful taste journey. 
Pine Pearl
A delightful dessert crafted with the finest almonds to make a delicious past, aromatic pine from the outside , and a touch of sugar. 
Buche Hazelnut
Crunchy Hazelnut shell filled with almonds, dressed in delicate sugar lace. 
Buche Pistachio
Crunchy pistachio shell filled with almonds, dressed in delicate sugar lace. 
Ramadan Gift Basket
Ramadan Gift Basket
Ramadan Gift Basket
Ramadan Gift Basket
Ramadan Gift Basket
Embrace the festive spirit with our Special Ramadan gift basket, a Ramadan delight that combines artisan sweets with gourmet flair. This delicious basket includes: 
  • Ramadan Gift Box, 23 pc: Artisan handcrafted sweets 
  • Kaak Warka, 8 pc: Almond paste with our signature rose water infusion
  • Samsa, 8 pc: Crispy brik filo sheets and crunchy pistachio or hazelnut filling
  • Baklava, 8 pc: Finest pistachios and ground almonds pastry
  • Fingers, 8 pc: Blend of nutty and sweet flavors rolled in crispy filo sheets
  • Bruschetta (1 Jar): Classic tomato recipe
  • Artichokes paste (1 Jar): Authentic Mediterranean recipe
  • Harissa (1 Jar): Rich red pepper paste
  • Carrotade (1 Jar): Divine spicy carrot paste 
Whether you're gifting it to someone special or indulging in a gourmet Ramadan experience, it's the perfect way to spread joy and happiness during the holy month!

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