Gift sweets, what a succulent idea!

A candy giveaway will bring a smile on the face of kids and also grown-ups! How lucky would they feel, be it a family member or a friend? Glutton is the most mischievous sin but we always love getting trapped by it! Tunisian pastries are by the way a perfect idea, as they shine on the outside, and crust on the inside!

A Tunisian treat as a Present

We are sure that if you get a Tunisian or Arabic treat as a gift, you will be delighted! We may all surely think about keeping a slim figure, however, we will with no doubt give in for the first honey coated sweet, bringing out a thousand and one excuses to do so!

The Tunisian sweet is an absolutely awesome offering. Tunisia disposes of a variety of delicious pastries. Why not fall for the pistachio baklava or for the Cigar Almond? All those delicacies will make of you a foodie!

Layla’s Delicacies, your online pastry shop

Layla’s Delicacies is an online shop for Tunisian sweets. If you are avid of sweets tasting, you will surely love the variety and especially the quality and freshness of our pastries. Also, we have for you different sets of gifts to choose from that are gently wrapped for your close friends.

All the online transactions are secure and we guarantee your full satisfaction. Our Tunisian treats were made with love and passion, respecting the most traditional recipes and offering the highest quality ever. Do Not hesitate to offer sweets as a giftand you will discover the elegant Tunisian tradition!