Gift Pastries, a sweet way to surprise!

What about offering an authentic pastry as a gift? How about an unprecedented idea of a gift! The person receiving it will surely fall for it and thank you for the delicacy. An offering to give online, via Layla’s Delicacies!

The reason behind a Tunisian pastry as a gift?

For the sense of creativity and because it brings a sunny wave of joy! The Mediterraneanis an endless source of good deeds! A place where rays of sun transmit all the pleasure! Such a sensation can be felt while savoring that pistachio treat soaked in orange flower! The Tunisian pastry is an offering from the heaven; recipes shared between mother and daughter, all by preserving the secret of the making; a gift made of sweetsis like a flashback to those moments of childhood where you got so excited by the beauty of a sunny sky!

What an excellent idea, sweets to gift!

Imagine for a second that you receive a delicious Tunisian sweet as a gift? It would bring you utmost pleasure! Tickle your hunger and make your mouth full of pleasure! Using high quality and fine ingredients. Any time during the day you can offer to your friends Layla’s Delicacies pastry or sweet that they will receive packed in the most refined way!

Layla’s Delicacies, your online pastry shop!

Layla’s Delicacies allows you to put together your giftonline and to select from our different packages. Let aside the old gifts! And check the different packages we offer you, to succumb for the pastry that appeals the most! Our platform is 100% secure and we guaranty your fresh delivery!