Quarterly Limited Edition

Layla’s Delicacies Limited Editions are filled with exceptional treats that will take you on a happy journey through Tunisia and the Mediterranean every time you receive them.

Inside the Box

Mlabes (40 pieces - 570g)

Almond paste infused with orange zest and rose water, and coated with meringue
Almond paste mixed with moka, and coated with meringue

+ Boule (16 pieces - 260g)

Pistachio and almond mix with a touch of chocolate, decorated with sugar lace
Hazelnut and almond mix with a touch of chocolate, decorated with sugar lace

+ Makroudh (20 pieces - 275g)

Diamond-shaped semolina and flour dough filled with dates

How does the subscription work?

When you subscribe to our quarterly box, you will stay enrolled and charged every quarter until you cancel your subscription.
You can manage or cancel your subscription by logging in to your account or sending an email to hello@LaylasDelicacies.com.
Every quarter, you will receive an email prior to subsequent deliveries to inform you about your upcoming box of new creations.

What is Mlabes?

This elegant pastry is stuffed with a yellowish paste of ground almonds finely perfumed with an orange zest, the whole coated in a thin layer of white meringue flowered with rose extract, and finally decorated with a silver leaf that gives it a royal look.

Mlabes originally comes from Sfax, a city located at the center of Tunisia. Sfax is the second economic power of the country and indisputably the capital of the pastry making. The city has a rich history that includes a succession of several civilizations. And guess what? Pastry makers picked the best techniques from each one of these civilizations and combined them together to make today’s world-class treats.

Our Mlabes Almond recipe is authentic, and acquired from the best chefs in Sfax. Bite gently and you will be instantly transported to the Medina of Sfax. Bon appetit!

What is Makroudh?

Makroudh is a diamond-shaped pastry from North Africa. It is made with flour and semolina, filled with superior quality Deglet Nour dates, and fried or baked for a golden finish.
Originally from Tunisia and more precisely from the historic city of Kairouan, it made its way to other neighboring countries such as Algeria or Malta. But no matter where it goes, it is always synonym of party and celebration.

We have carefully created our makroudh from the best recipes inherited from mothers to daughters; You will have the impression of walking through the alleys of Kairouan, less the smell of jasmine ...!

Shipping info

Your fresh order will be shipped from New Jersey on the last week of September 2020.
We take the utmost care in packaging and shipping. This way your treats will arrive to you in great condition. You order will be packed by our shipping specialists and will have a temperature control insulation to ensure outside conditions will not impact the shipment.

How to keep it fresh?

Keep the original packaging in a cool (58°f-65°f) dry place and serve within a week.
Carefully plastic wrap the box and refrigerate to extends the awesomeness of our treats to 4 weeks. Take out 1 hour before serving.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
5 star pastries and service!

Missing our Tunisian patisserie in France, we found your shop online. Thanks to Layla's Delicacies, our teatime is tops.


So yummy! Highly recommend!

amazing and delicious

wow very nice presentation and come on time ,the test unbelievable thank you

Amazing as always

The responsiveness, delivery timing, packaging, presentation, and especially taste... flawless. Thank you. I feel happy and proud introducing such quality sweets to my friends. Cheers to all

Mlabes & Boule are EXQUISITE!

This is my second subscription box and I absolutely love it! The Mlabes and Boule are an amazing addition to the Makroudh and I cannot be happier. They are super fresh and melt in the mouth! Perfection. Thank you Layla's Delicacies for continuously WOWing us!

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