Almond Finger


The Almond Finger originated in Morocco but also became a Tunisian tradition. A blend of almonds and hazelnuts rolled in crispy brik filo sheets, the Almond Finger is usually a “morning pastry”—Its combination of nutty and sweet flavors make it pair perfectly with coffee.

10 PC ~ 142g/5oz
22 PC ~ 313g/11oz

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It all starts with making the crisp brik sheets. The batter is made into an extremely thin sheet (Less than 0.04 inch) by cooking on a flat hot surface. This step is critical. You want the sheet to be crispy but malleable enough to be rolled. One extra second of cooking and you’ll end up with a sheet that’s too hardened.

Once the brik filo is ready, we mix our finest almonds and hazelnut with syrup so that everything can hold together. Once the mix is done, we roll it in the brik filo sheets and voila—Almond Cigar. Pairs well with Turkish coffee.

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Your fresh order will be shipped from New Jersey within 1 business day of placing the order.

We take the utmost care in packaging and shipping. This way your treats will arrive to you in great condition. All our orders are packed by our shipping specialists and include a frozen gel pack in warm weather and temperature control insulation to ensure outside conditions will not impact the shipment. Upon request, we can include a complimentary gift message.

How to keep it fresh?

Keep the original packaging in a cool (58°f-65°f) dry place and serve within a week.

Carefully plastic wrap the box and refrigerate to extends the awesomeness of our treats to 4 weeks. Take out 1 hour before serving.

Customer Reviews

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I have not yet received them.


I finally tried these delectable little bites of phyllo and almond. They are addictively delicious with the perfect delicate crunch. They come individually wrapped so you can order them in bulk and readily share a handful with friends or family, by placing them in one of your numerous boxes you have from all the other Layla's treats you have ordered previously!


Great customer service, fast shipping, authentic sweets. Thank you!

Excellent !!

I loved it ! The taste of the sweets so delicious fresh and not too sweet, excellent job with packing, everything was perfectly done !!

So fresh& delicious

Since it’s my first order , I hesitate many times!! One day I was starving for something sweet so I checked “ Layla Delicacies” website and I decided to. Give a try! The day I received my order I was soo impressed with the everything ( fresh, yummy,the packaging.. I am so glad I found what I was looking for!! For sure I will order more from them!! Ps: I try the Samsa Pistachio and Almond cigar

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